Sitting Crossed-Legged While Pregnant – Is it Safe?

Sitting Crossed-Legged while Pregnant - Is It Safe?

It is crucial to keep maintain a proper posture when sitting to avoid body pain during pregnancy. Sitting with your legs crossed is known to raise blood pressure and can also disrupt blood circulation, causing varicose veins. Some pregnant women are advised to sit cross-legged. For many people, it is a preferred habit to sit cross-legged during mealtimes. A good posture while sitting improves muscle function, mental health, concentration and blood flow. The most important reason is that it helps in the progression of labour. Expectant ladies should avoid a sedentary lifestyle by stretching, taking walks, and sitting up straight. It is safe to say that women can sit cross-legged during pregnancy, as long as it feels comfortable.


Is Sitting Cross-Legged Safe During Pregnancy?

All pregnant women aim at a healthy pregnancy by taking care of matters that need attention. One cannot deny the fact that ‘Tailor Sitting’ opens up the pelvis and allows the baby to move down freely, preparing the expectant mom for labour. Keeping the advantages in mind, some women consciously prefer to sit this way while doing household chores, for religious ceremonies, or while doing yoga and meditation.


Who Should Completely Avoid Sitting Cross-legged when Pregnant

Despite the multiple benefits of sitting cross-legged, physiotherapists do not recommend it for some pregnant ladies. Following are some women who should completely avoid sitting cross-legged when pregnant:

  • Pregnant ladies who suffer from pelvic girdle pain (PGP) should avoid sitting in a cross-legged position.
  • Another reason is symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), which tends to put the pelvis in an asymmetrical position. It causes an uneven distribution of weight on the legs, causing strain and discomfort.
  • Sometimes, sitting cross-legged for extended periods puts pressure on the legs and ankles, restricting circulation and causing swelling or varicose veins.
  • Some ladies develop back strain if they sit for long hours in any position, and not just the cross-legged position alone.

The article proves beyond doubt that body mechanics should be proper during pregnancy to minimise discomfort. The most important step in achieving body mechanics is good posture. Sitting cross-legged is quite comfortable and improves blood circulation. It also stretches and maximises the flexibility of the thigh muscles. Hence, upright positions such as the cross-legged positions are great in bringing the baby to the cervix and aid in safer and easier delivery.