10 Tips to Stay Healthy during a Summer Pregnancy

You might have looked forward to having a wonderful pregnancy the moment your test results came back positive. Having read a lot about what can be done and kept yourself in the ready would have got you all excited for it. But the season might not exactly be in your favour for it. Unfortunately, summer and pregnancy don’t go hand-in-hand and women do tend to have a little bit of difficulty navigating through this particular season. Rest assured, it isn’t as bad as it seems, especially when you have a bunch of tips you can make use of to stay safe and enjoy your pregnancy without worry.


Why Being Pregnant In Summer Is Not So Good?

The discomfort of being pregnant in summer doesn’t become evident until the heat of the season hits you in full force. Adhering to a specific pregnancy diet during summer is one way to handle your health, but there are a bunch of other issues that are bound to arise.


Dehydration is quite dangerous for a pregnant woman and the chances of that happening are higher in summer. Constant sweating can rob your body of the necessary fluids it needs. Swelling is a natural consequence of pregnancy, but summers can make them a bit worse, especially in the ankles and the calves. The constant heat bearing down on you can make the entire experience difficult, and the inability to step outside can leave you all irritated and bored for the longest time.

Essential Tips for Pregnancy Care In Summer

Thankfully, there are a few tips for pregnant women in summer that can be used to counter the effects of the heat and have a great amount of fun despite the discomfort.

1. A Nice Cool Bathtub Immersion

Be your own princess for a little while. Hot tub baths might be the rage, but use the summers to set up a bath with some room temperature water. Set the mood with some nice candles, light music, and let yourself be in the bathtub without any worry.


2. A Fancy Massage

Pre-natal massages are usually recommended for mothers irrespective of when they get pregnant, but the summers bring you another advantage. The massage will relax your body completely and clean up your sweat pores, all while enjoying the comfort of air-conditioning of the massage centre.

3. Invest In a Cool Wrap

By cool, we don’t mean a neck wrap that makes you look cool. There are specialised wraps that come with cooling gel within them. By sprinkling a little water on them, the gels activate and the wraps get cold immediately. Use these when you step outside so that you can keep your body temperature in control and get some respite from the heat as well.

4. Opt for Comfortable Clothes

You might have invested in some fancy outfits that would fit your pregnant body snugly and make you look drop dead gorgeous. But they don’t make the best choice of clothes in the summer. Don’t fret, since you can go shopping again and get yourself some nice flowing dresses, or cotton shirts and shorts. These allow you to move around easily as well as let your skin breathe properly, too.

5. Schedule Activities Early In the Morning

Rising early in the morning might be the last thing that you want to do during your pregnancy. However, this is one of the perfect times to carry out all the physical activities that you might want to undertake. Right from exercises to household chores, the cool morning temperature can be easy on you, allowing you to relax in the afternoon without worries.

6. Keep Feet and Spirits High

Pregnancy and swelling are like best buddies and they tend to get stronger when coupled with the heat of the summer. Choose to keep your legs elevated on a pillow or a platform whenever you rest, causing your swelling to subside. Rest a cold towel on them if you need to make it even better.

7. Take that Afternoon Nap

The heat and irritation of the season can get you all worked up. Your body doesn’t respond to it well so don’t overwork it. Once the afternoon dawns, catch up on your sleep and let all other activities be. End it with a nice juice once you wake up and go for that cold tub bath we recommended earlier.

8. Swim your Troubles Away

Swimming is one of the best exercises a pregnant woman can stick to, and it ought to be your favourite in the summers. There are maternity swimming suits available in the market which you can wear and hop into your closest pool. Do get your doctor’s permission to proceed ahead with this.


9. Be Friends With Your Hair

Your long luscious hair can start getting in your way and cause more sweat than you are happy with. Start tying it up in a pony or a bun so that your neck gets some good air circulation. Or get bold and go for a short hair look for your pregnancy and be prepared for the compliments that will start coming your way.

10. Hydration Is your New Best Friend

You can keep telling yourself that you are drinking enough water. But no amount of water is enough, especially in summers. Right from cleansing your body to ensuring its temperature remains within the safety bounds, water is essential for a pregnant woman akin to air. Alternate with diluted juices as well, but do keep drinking plain water regularly.

You can use these tips as a summer pregnancy survival guide of sorts, helping you make your time in this season an easier one. If your delivery falls around this season, your doctor might suggest you some additional precautions that are needed post your delivery. Enjoy your time with the baby in your belly and pretty soon, you’d have him right next to you, taking in the new world with your support.