Keeping Your Sex Drive Alive in Pregnancy

Keeping Your Sex Drive Alive in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is marked by physical and internal changes in the body. The changes in hormones cause fluctuating moods, heightened craving for particular things and an increased disliking for people! One important aspect of our daily life that is subject to fluctuation with the change in hormones is the want for sex.

Factors That Increase Sex Drive During Pregnancy

In addition to the hormonal changes, there are various other factors that are responsible for high sex drive in pregnancy.

Many women experience an increase in libido in early pregnancy which is accompanied by enhanced lubrication of the vagina and hypersensitive clitoris. The increased flow of blood to the genital area makes it more sensitive, thereby increasing the pleasure quotient.

The breasts become fuller during pregnancy, resulting in increased sensitivity. This is also one of the factors which contribute to increased sex drive during the period in women.

What Happens When Your Sex Drive Drops While Pregnant?

The tricky part about sex drive during pregnancy is that it can be different for different women. While some feel an increased urge for sex, the others might experience a low sex drive pregnancy.
The hormonal changes accompanied by continuous changes in the body can cause nausea and drain out energy from the body, especially during the first three months, resulting in decreased sex drive during early pregnancy.

One should remember that it is completely okay if sex is the last thing on your mind during the initial phase of pregnancy. With so many changes within a short span of time, the desire to avoid sex during pregnancy can at times be overwhelming.

Pregnant couple getting intimate

Some Best Tips for Your Pregnancy Sex Drive

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in the life of parents and you can use the increased libido to spice up things with your partner as you prepare for the arrival of a new life. Here are tips that will guide your pregnancy sex drive.

1. Experiment with different sex positions: With the baby bump taking shape, you will have to experiment in order to discover a comfortable and a pleasurable position. The increased estrogen levels will provide natural vaginal lubrication but issues such as sore pelvic ligaments might call for change in positioning.

2. Let intimacy flow freely: Intimacy while pregnancy is bound to strengthen the bond with your partner as you welcome your baby. Kissing, gentle massages and touching will help release oxytocin, the love hormone.

3. Cuddle: Pregnancy is a period where you may require additional emotional support and care from your partner. The prenatal hormones can have an impact on your emotions and leave you teary-eyed after lovemaking. Feel free to ask your partner for extra cuddles and explain the importance of the same to him.

4. Seek professional help: In order to overcome the apprehensions and doubts about sex drive during pregnancy, you can seek professional help by consulting your doctor or midwife. It is always a good idea to let a professional guide you, especially if the sex drive is playing too much on your mind.

Precautions to Take

Although it is considered safe to have sex throughout the pregnancy period, women can experience discomfort and adverse impact from sex during pregnancy. Women may struggle with issues of fatigue, stress and serious medical issues.

Sex might result in spotting or bleeding or can lead to conditions like placenta previa. It is best to avoid having sex under such circumstances and consult the doctor immediately for further help. Sex should be avoided after the water has broken.

Does Sex Help Induce Labour?

Although there is no scientific backing for the fact that sex can speed up the process of labour, there is no harm in trying it out. During an orgasm, woman experience a rhythmical contraction of muscles in the genital area which can aid in the labour process.

It is a good idea to have unprotected sex as you near your due date as the male semen contains prostaglandin and the body releases oxytocin as you reach climax. These two chemicals are also used artificially to induce labour and can be of help to get your labour started. Having sex as you draw closer to the due date can certainly be of some help in fastening the process of delivery.

While there are a lot of misconceptions that surround sex during pregnancy, it is considered to be safe to practice sex during this period. Sex drive during pregnancy is dependent on various factors and may vary from one woman to another. While one may feel an uncontrollable sex drive, the other might want to avoid it completely during the same stage of pregnancy.

You should be open to discussing how you feel about sex with your partner and let them know your expectations.

However, in case of any queries or ambiguities in mind regarding sex during pregnancy, it is best to consult your doctor and get a complete understanding of the dos and don’ts before you indulge in lovemaking.