Pregnancy Glow – What It Is and How to Maintain It


During pregnancy, most women look forward to the famous pregnancy glow. Some people seem to instantly notice that you have begun to look radiant. There are also statements out there that call the pregnancy glow a myth. Fortunately, your hope of getting a glowing skin during pregnancy is not so far stretched, as it is indeed real.


What Is Pregnancy Glow?

Many lucky women go through an incredible phase during pregnancy when they are positively radiant. This is when their faces seem to brighten up, and their skin looks shinier, flawless and very healthy in general.


While some women are lucky enough to experience this, it may not be true for all women, as it is possible for some women to go through acne breakouts and other skin conditions.

Causes Of Pregnancy Glow

There is no particular reason why the pregnancy glow comes about; however, there are certain convincing explanations that may very well be true. Some of the main reasons of pregnancy glow include:

  1. Improved blood circulation

During pregnancy, the volume of blood in a woman’s body increases by a staggering 50%. This naturally means that more blood flows through the vessels helping the skin retain a whole lot of moisture, causing the skin to plump up and even out any wrinkles. Hence, the skin feels healthier and smoother.

  1. Hormonal changes

Women go through a lot of changes in their body during pregnancy; one among them is the increase in the level of hormones like Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and progesterone. These hormones are known to aid the sebaceous glands in the face secrete oil, which in turn makes the skin look shiny and supple. However, during some occasions, excess oil may be the reason for increase pigmentation during pregnancy, as well as pregnancy acne.


During pregnancy, the body temperature of the women rises due to an increase in the volume of blood and the increase in body weight. There is also a greater demand on the body during this time, which causes the body to produce excess sweat. Sweat is known to clear out the impurities in the pores of the skin and make it look brighter and radiant.

  1. Moisture retention

The skin of a pregnant woman retains most of the moisture, which contributes in smoothening out any fine lines or wrinkles on the skin, effectively providing a smooth skin.

  1. Mental state

Many women as overjoyed with their pregnancy and appear cheerful and gracious in general, which tends to give them a radiant look.

When Does The Pregnancy Glow Start?

Pregnancy flow may appear at different times in different women, as it is a result of a combination of factors. However, most women tend to notice it during the second trimester. This is because the influx of hormones that takes place at the start of pregnancy will have settled and they will begin to feel much better.

Tips To Maintain Pregnancy Glow

In order to maintain that gorgeous pregnancy glow much longer, you can follow a few simple steps.

  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will keep your skin moisturized and will leave it feeling radiant all day. Moreover, it also helps lower water retention in the body during pregnancy, along with promoting a healthy pregnancy.
  • Keep your skin clean. While secretion of oil can keep your skin feel moisturized, excess oil can lead to acne breakouts. Hence, it is important that you wash your face regularly.
  • Use soaps with low pH value in order to protect your skin from dryness.
  • Get a good amount of sleep. Adequate sleep can be the key to maintaining your pregnancy glow as it leaves you well rested and fresh.
  • Try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Excess sun exposure can increase the chances of hyperpigmentation. Use hats or take other protective measures, if you have to go out.
  • Try your hand at yoga. Yoga is known to improve skin health and glow. So, a pregnancy yoga class may help you maintain that glow.
  • Avoid or reduce the consumption of small soy, as it is known to increase the chances of hyperpigmentation.
  • Speak to your doctor about engaging in some simple exercises. If your doctor recommends you to not strain yourself, you can always put your feet up and relax.

Pregnancy Yoga May Help You Maintain A Glow

Ways To Flaunt Your Glow

If you’re blessed with a pregnancy glow, then it is only fair that you make use of the opportunity to flaunt it while it lasts. Here are a few things you could do to flaunt your pregnancy glow.

  1. Focus on the positives

Every woman has an idea about what looks best on her. It could be your eyes, your shoulders, your legs or anything. Wear appropriate clothing to highlight this. Wear a short dress to accentuate your long legs or a sleeveless top to flaunt your toned arms. However, remember not to wear heels as they could put unnecessary pressure on your feet and knees.

  1. Pamper yourself

Take a break and hit the spa. A good massage therapy and some pedicures and manicures should help you get that refined look to impress everyone.

  1. Pick colours that suit your skin tone

The best way to flaunt your looks is to dress fine. Know what goes well with your skin tone and wear them more often and enjoy as the compliments flow in.

What To Do If Pregnancy Glow Doesn’t Come Naturally?

If you haven’t been lucky enough to get the coveted pregnancy glow naturally, you can also try a few measures to attain that phase.

  1. Pay attention to your diet

A good diet is important for a healthy skin. Protein-rich foods like eggs and fish, along with food rich in antioxidants and minerals can help set the foundation for a radiant skin. The folic acid in nuts, broccoli and seeds can brighten up your skin. Adding a good amount of pomegranate, watermelon, etc. can help improve your skin tone.

  1. Skin massage

Gently massaging your skin every day with oil or moisturizer can improve blood circulation and brighten your skin. It is also advised to follow a good skin care regimen during pregnancy.

3. Take rest

Stress can be an adverse factor in the process of enhancing pregnancy glow. Get plenty of rest and sleep to relax.

Enjoy the radiance that comes with pregnancy and take proper care to prolong this phase. However, remember to stay clear of any chemical skin products to ensure that the baby is not adversely affected.