Massage After Caesarean Delivery – All You Need To Know


You have recently welcomed your little bundle of joy in your life and you must have already realised that being a new mommy is challenging. Your munchkin demands all your time and attention and you hardly have time to look after yourself – we understand that! But if you don’t pay attention to your health now, you might regret in future.


Post-delivery, your body will be in pain, especially if you had a C-section delivery, but to get relief from the pain and heal completely, you can get postnatal massages! A postnatal massage can help relax your tense muscles, soothe aches, and help you heal emotionally and physically. But should a woman get postnatal massages after a C-section delivery? Find out!


What Is a Postnatal Massage?

The postnatal massage is a full-body massage given to moms after they give birth. Postnatal massages are given by a professional masseuse who specialises in giving postnatal massages. You can call a masseuse to your home and get the massage whenever you have time. Postnatal massages can be very beneficial especially for a new mom who had had a C-section delivery.  The wounds of C-section delivery take quite some time to heal; if you have had a C-section delivery, you might experience pain, especially around the area of your wound. You can opt for massages to recover completely, but do consult your doctor before getting massages. Doctors suggest that women wait for about six weeks before getting abdominal massages if they have had a C-section delivery.

Benefits of a Postnatal Massage

A postnatal massage can relax a woman’s body after the stress it has been under. Post a C-section delivery, scars will take some time to heal. A woman can opt for postnatal massages after a few weeks of delivery. Getting massages post delivery will help soothe aches and pain and improve blood circulation to the area. It will particularly ensure scar tissue on the inside does not affect other internal organs and that you do not face long-term issues. Following are the benefits of getting postnatal massages:

  1. A postnatal massage helps increase the blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, which soothes them and helps recover them quickly.
  2. It stimulates the healing process and reduces the swelling by removing the excess fluid and waste products from the body.
  3. It helps a new mom relax. As massages help release endorphins, the feel-good hormone secreted by the brain, it helps a person relax. It will also help you sleep better.
  4. A massage also helps improve mood and lower stress levels of a new mom, thus helping her cope with depression.
  5. Getting postnatal massages can ensure a speedy recovery. However, if a woman has had a C-section delivery, she should wait to get a massage until her C-section wounds have healed.

How Long Should You Wait for Massage After a Cesarean Delivery?

As mentioned earlier, doctors recommend waiting for a minimum of two weeks before getting a full-body massage after a C-Section. This is to ensure that your body is not exposed to infections post-surgery because you will be very vulnerable and weak after the delivery. Since you will also be breastfeeding your baby and your baby’s immunity will be low, it is ideal that you wait for a couple of weeks or more and heal completely before getting a full-body massage. You can get head, leg, feet and back massage after a C-section but avoid abdominal massages for at least 6-7 weeks.

Which Oils Can You Use for Postnatal Massages After a C-Section?

You should generally skip herbal oils and consult with your doctor regarding the oils that are safe for a new mom. Generally, mustard oil, sesame oil, and coconut oil are considered safe, but checking with a doctor would be the best bet. Your masseuse could even bring with her a special concoction that is ideal for pregnant women, especially for tummy massages after a C-Section. Make a note of how your baby reacts to the smell of the oil; if he doesn’t like it or worse develops an allergic reaction to it, change the oil especially for a daily massage as you will be in close contact with him while breastfeeding him.

Which Oils Can You Use for Postnatal Massages After a C-Section?

Why Does a C-Section Scar Need to Be Massaged?

When your C-section scar will heal, the tissue is likely to grow in all directions as this was not the normal birth and scar tissue would grow any way it pleases. It can interfere with the internal working of your body and can come in contact with other organs such as the bladder and affect its normal functioning. This haphazard healing could also be slow and painful, which will extend your recovery time and make even sitting up painful. A body massage after a C-section will enable this growth to be more uniform, and improve the blood flow to the area, thus keeping it stimulated for better growth and healing. Only a seasoned masseuse that specializes in these massages should be allowed to carry out the treatment as they will know how to handle such a delicate area.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Take Postpartum Massages After a C-section?

Not getting a tummy massage after a C-section delivery can result in long-term issues. Your scar may heal with time and look fine, but your body will need help in order to heal this surgically-affected area. Scar tissue could accumulate on other organs such as the bladder or even the uterus and could result in functional impediments such as infertility in extreme cases. You could even develop pelvic and back pain as a consequence. However, getting massages post delivery can soothe your body and promote healing.

How Often Should You Get Postnatal Massages After Your Wounds Are Healed?

It is advisable to get a postnatal massage once a day to speed the healing process and to stimulate skin growth in the affected area. However, you must make sure that your masseuse is a professional and massages you gently (by applying very less pressure), especially the abdominal region.

Precautions You Need to Take While Getting Postnatal Massages After a Caesarean Delivery

Anything you do to your body after a C-Section must be carefully carried out. Here are some precautions you need to take while getting massage post a C-section delivery.

  1. Don’t get a massage soon after the delivery. Wait for a couple of weeks or more, better yet consult a doctor to check how long you should wait before getting abdominal massages.
  2. Make sure your masseuse is specially trained in giving postnatal massages, especially abdominal massages after a C-Section.
  3. Ask your masseuse to be gentle near the scar and the surrounding area and tell her to not apply too much pressure while massaging.
  4. Note your body’s reaction to the oil that is being used for the massage and change it the moment you notice anything wrong.

Precautions You Need to Take While Getting Postnatal Massages After a Caesarean Delivery

When to Avoid Getting a Postnatal Massage

Avoid a tummy massage after C-Section if you have had any complications, or your doctor has advised against it. You must also take care to not do a massage when you have a skin infection, eczema or any rashes or allergies as this could aggravate your condition. If the area is extremely sensitive and you are in a lot of pain, give it some time before you indulge in a massage and ensure to find a good masseuse.

Listen to your body, and you will not go wrong with this one. Use this as an excuse to indulge it after the stress it has been under and realize that as a new mommy you need certain things to help your body recover and help you take better care of your little one.