Feng Shui for Fertility – Can It Help You Get Pregnant?

Feng Shui for Fertility - Can It Help You Get Pregnant?

If you’re healthy and fine but seem to have trouble getting pregnant or face obstacles surfacing whenever you strive for something, it indicates one thing – energy blockages. Energy blockages manifest in every corner of your life and when left unchecked lead to health problems, anxiety, fear, overthinking, and the breakage of fulfilling relationships. Feng shui is the art of arranging elements spatially and orienting them in ways to remove these energy blocks in your home and every aspect of your life.


Is It Possible to Conceive Using Feng Shui Methods?

Feng shui is deeply rooted in the philosophy of Yin and Yang. It is believed that the way you arrange elements in the house will influence your mood and way of life. Any imbalances in energies lead to a lack of fertility, harmony, and thus, breaking relationships. Although feng shui won’t instantly change your life, it will slowly make those tweaks that will eventually help you get to where you want, including your goal of fertility and prosperity.


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Feng Shui Tips to Improve Your Fertility

Here are a few feng shui for those who want to renovate their homes or arrange elements in a way that it helps them conceive later:

1. Remove any mirrors placed inside your bedroom. This helps prevent infidelity.

2. Let your kids jump on the bed or couch all they want. It improves the chi flow and attracts positive chi.

3. De-clutter your home to clear any negative blockages.

4. Remove any furniture from the main door and keep that space clear since you want chi to enter your home and not exit or get blocked.

5. To build your Yang energy for fertility, place a small dragon charm near your bed or by your bedside.

6. Repair any leaky faucets in your home to prevent chi from leaking out.

7. Avoid keeping electronic devices in your bedroom.

8. Men sleep on the left side of the bed and women on the right. This is known to bring harmony to your energy.

9. Keep space for a baby. You don’t have to prep your rooms too much but de-cluttering and reserving space for the baby is a sign of readying for birth.

10. Place a statue of Buddha with children all over him to promote positive energy and abundance in the house. Keep this in the east direction of your bedroom and on a table, not the floor.

11. Decorate your home with paintings and portraits of children and baby animals. This helps attract the chi for fertility.

12. Keep cut or open pomegranates anywhere around the house. The seeds represent fertility while the pomegranates are known to attract chi for happiness and positivity.

13. Grow a fruit-tree indoors or outside. It symbolizes fertility.

Feng Shui for Fertility

14. Get pictures or figurines of elephants with their trunks down. These symbolize fertility and the strength to overcome any obstacle.

15. Put up pictures of magpies next to the portraits of children and baby animals. They complement well when hung up on walls and symbolize joy and happiness.

16. Remember those cicadas that chirp at night? They’re not your imagination but a sign of marriage and fertility. Put a few pictures of them up in your bedroom if you’re trying to conceive.

17. The west side of your house should be decorated with Earth elements since they symbolize children and the abundance of energy that livens up the house. Use potted plants, vases with flowers, and similar elements and don’t keep fiery things like candles or lanterns.

18. Marital unions and also joy and harmony are symbolized by the double fish symbol. Place one statue in the northwest corner of your bedroom to increase your chances of conceiving.

19. Look around the house and see if there are any blockages by walking from room to room. Clear the way and remove any objects if it is blocking you from moving around easily or looks distracting.

20. Having a big red ball in the house is a good luck charm for fertility. The big ball stands for pregnancy while red denotes healthy blood circulation or life forming in the womb.

21. Having turtle statues or pet turtles make for good signs of fertility in the house. They also attract good luck and clear energy blockages.

22. Plant a fuchsia in the right side of your house near the center. It symbolizes harmony in relationships and makes couples enjoy healthy long-lasting bonds.

23. Beautify your bedroom by designing it with colour palettes that include white, brown, ivory, and tan. These are not only visually appealing but exude sexual desire and fertility.

24. Do not keep the computer in the bedroom and clear the area, making sure it’s free from distractions. Your bedroom should be clean, warm and inviting enough for romance and rest.

25. To attract positive chi or remove negative energies from your aura field, you can try wearing fertility stones like rose quartz, carnelian, and amethyst.

What Happens When You Break the Feng Shui Rule?

If you have to clear an area of your bedroom and think it’ll break a feng shui rule, go ahead. But if you’re planning to conceive, make sure you set the elements in place and not clear them out from your bedroom until the big day. This includes not cleaning under the bed after you activate the fertility energy especially.

Cautionary Tip

A word of caution is to remember to strive for balance and not overdo it when it comes to feng shui. By using these feng shui fertility symbols above, you’ll be making a gateway for positive energy and opening doors to a new life. The feng shui elephant for fertility is one of the best places to start when placing statues in the house and de-cluttering will be your biggest step. Make sure to give the work plenty of time since results take a while to show.

The short answer is – yes, feng shui will help you improve your fertility but not overnight. Just like negative energy blockages build up over time, it’s going to take a while to clear up. It won’t take forever though and that’s the good news. If you aren’t healthy and have already started applying these tips, then you’re off to a good start.

Make sure you get in shape, eat healthily, and arrange your home in a way that brings abundance and positive energy with feng shui. Because that will help foster harmony and fertility. If you’re doing it right, you’ll find the wind of positive changes blowing which you’ll experience soon enough.

Disclaimer: The tips and ideas listed in the content above are only suggestions that are provided to readers and not for treating medical illnesses. Please consult with a doctor or healthcare advisor regarding the treatment of any medical conditions you have. This piece is intended for informational purposes only.