9 Best Baby Car Seats of 2021

The range of baby products available nowadays is astounding! Not only do they help protect babies, but they also make life so convenient for the parents. An upcoming trip or a routine commute to the hospital is now a piece of cake with some baby products, especially baby car seats. Some parents might want to wait for a few months before the baby can sit upright, and it’s perfectly alright to do so. However, infant car seats these days are convertible and multipurpose. Some of them can be extremely useful for newborn babies, too. Take a look at these baby car seats, and you’ll know which to buy when the time is right!


List of Top 9 Best Car Seats in UAE

1. Chicco Myfit Harness + Booster Car Seat – Grey

With the Chicco Myfit Harness + Booster Car Seat, you can make the transition from a 5-point safety harness to a usual car seat belt easy for your toddler.


Why You Will Like It

This baby car seat is a harness/belt-positioning car seat, which is designed to grow as your toddler grows bigger. The booster car seat shell is reinforced with a steel frame for superior protection against impact. It has a deep ErgoBoost seat with dual-density foam cushioning that is sloped and contoured for superior comfort. It comes with premium connectors for installation, and a bubble level to verify the angle of the seat. The adjustable 9-position headrest and 4-position reclining backrest are perfect for providing support and maintaining your child’s posture when she is seated in it. This baby car seat also has a rigid shell and an energy-absorbing foam that offers two layers of protection for your munchkin’s head and torso.

2. Baby Auto Car Seat Konar – Red

This versatile baby car seat provides safety, and adapts to your baby’s growing body!

Why You Will Like It

Perfect for kids aged nine months to twelve years, this product offers safety and comfort with its ergonomic design. The baby car seat is highly versatile and adapts progressively to the growth of your child up until she weighs 36 kilograms. The seat has a 3-point vehicle safety belt and fix connectors for extra safety. It has a 4-position recline and a 4-position adjustable headrest with energy-absorbing padding for better protection. Its 5-point safety harness and side protection system will help you ensure your little one is safe and comfortable, no matter how long the journey is.

3.Britax Romer Dualfix i-Size Baby Car Seat with ISO Fix – Cosmos Black

Now, ensure ultimate comfort for you and your little one with this rear and front-facing car seat!

Why You Will Like It

The Britax Romer Dualfix i-Size Baby Car Seat with ISO Fix, with its 360-degree rotation, offers ultimate comfort for you and your munchkin, whether you use it as a rear or front-facing car seat. You can use it until your kid turns four years old or is 3.4 feet tall. It can be used as a rearward-facing car seat from birth until your baby weighs 18 kilograms, or forward-facing when she weighs between 9 and 18 kilograms. This baby car seat rotates laterally to enable you to place and harness your child easily. Its newborn insert, with energy-absorbing foam pads, is specially designed to give additional comfort and support for small babies. The insert reduces excess space and allows babies to lie flatter in a comfortable, ergonomic position. The baby car seat also comes with an adjustable rebound bar that helps prevent the seat from tilting in case of impact. It can be modified by 8 degrees to easily adjust the rebound bar to the backrest of the vehicle seat, and give your child 10% additional leg space. The product has superior side impact protection and patented Pivot Link ISOFIX System that directs the force first downward into the vehicle seat, and then forward, greatly reduce the risk of head and neck injuries. It also comes with a 5-point safety harness, adjustable leg support, and soft chest pads to help reduce your child’s movement in the event of a collision.

4.Evenflo Theron 3 in 1 Booster Car Seat – Black Granite

Get multiple modes of use with the Evenflo Theron 3 in 1 Booster Car Seat, one of the best baby booster seats!

Why You Will Like It

With a carrying capacity of 9 to 36 kilograms, this baby car seat accommodates your growing child for a few years. It has a 5-point safety harness and air-protect technology to withstand side impacts and provide maximum protection to your baby. The seat offers a two-in-one design that transitions from a high-back booster seat to a no-back booster seat, allowing you to use it as a forward-facing car seat once your little one is ready for it. To top it off, the product also comes with a cup holder, which is adaptable to both sides of the seat!

5.Kids Embrace High Backed Booster Car Seat Dora & Friends – Multicolor

Ensure your kid’s safety and comfort with Kids Embrace High Backed Booster Car Seat Dora & Friends.

Why You Will Like It

This booster seat can be used until your child turns 10 years old or weighs 45 kilograms. It is a useful car seat to have if you want one that accommodates your munchkin’s growing height and weight. The seat is large and is reinforced with a 5-point united belt and an additional polyurethane foam lining. It has a 3-position headrest with energy-absorbing expanded polystyrene foam for shock protection. You also get a 2-position feet strap and seat belts to help position the car shoulder strap correctly, to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable in the seat.

6.Baby Trend Protect Car Seat Series Yumi 2 In 1 Folding Booster Seat – Red

Travelling with your little one has never been better! This product is one of the best foldable car seats for long road trips.

Why You Will Like It

With an adjustable seat and its foldable feature, this is the best baby car seat for travelling. Its patented side-impact head protection, 3-position shoulder belt adjustment, and safety harness can help you ensure maximum safety for your baby during your travels. The baby booster seat has a removable seat cushion, an 8-position height adjustment, and a deep-contoured, energy-absorbing headrest to ensure your little one is comfortable. The seat also comes with two cup holders and flip-up armrests.

7.Evenflo Sutton 3 In 1 Booster Car Seat – Black Granite

Now, here’s another multifunctional baby car seat that grows with your little one!

Why You Will Like It

This multifunctional car seat is one of the best baby car seats for kids aged 12 months and above. It has an adjustable seat to accommodate your growing baby. The seat ranges from groups 1/2/3, and is suitable for kids weighing 9-36 kilograms. It can be secured using the seat belt in your vehicle, and can be converted to a high-back booster with an adjustable 6-position headrest or a booster seat base for added height. This baby car seat is designed to provide side-impact protection, and it has a 5-point harness to ensure your little one’s safety.

8.Teknum Infant Car Seat Story – Black

This baby car seat will make your life easier, especially if you already have the Teknum Pram Stroller!

Why You Will Like It

The baby car seat is a lightweight car seat that can be used by itself, or can be snapped into the Teknum Pram Stroller for multipurpose use. The seat is ergonomically designed, and is also portable. The cushioned seat, breathable backrest, 5-point safety harness, and the foot cover help you ensure your infant’s safety and comfort whenever she is seated in it. You also get a wide canopy to keep the child safe from the sun. The car seat can be installed in your vehicle using the car seat belt. It is also easy to clean! Those looking for a convertible car seat, or who already have the Teknum Pram Stroller frame, will find this product extremely convenient!

9.Cam Calibro Car Seat – Beige

Now, commuting with your baby is so convenient with this multifunctional car seat!

Why You Will Like It

Perfect for kids aged six months and above, the Cam Calibro car seat offers a comfortable and safe way to travel or commute with your little one. The seat is equipped with an adjustable headrest with side protection, an adjustable backrest, a safety belt, and a 5-point safety harness. It also comes with a removable, washable cover to protect the seat from spills and untimely damage.


1. How do I choose an infant car seat?

Ensure you look at all the product features before you choose a car seat that meets your requirements. Some key specifications you must consider are – a sturdy build, a breathable, cushioned seat, adjustable backrest and headrest, a safety harness, side-impact protection, feet strap, and a removable and washable cover.

2. Should babies sleep in car seats?

Babies should not sleep in car seats unsupervised. That’s because their heads can fall forward and obstruct breathing, causing suffocation. The risk cannot be ignored even if the child needs a few minutes of nap. Therefore, avoid putting your little one to sleep in the car seat.

3. How long can I use an infant car seat?

The instructions on your infant car seat should help you know how long you can use it. Pay special attention to the weight limits in the description. Usually, infant car seats can be used for babies weighing 9 to 15 kilograms.

4. Do I need a base for my car seat?

You can use your existing seat belt to secure the car seat down. Using a base for car seats is optional. Some people find it convenient, while some don’t.

5. Do all car seats fit all cars?

No, all car seats do not fit in all cars. Therefore, choosing the size that is suitable for your child’s age and the space in your vehicle is necessary. Do your research beforehand, measure the space inside your vehicle, and check all sizes available before making a purchase.

6. Can child car seats really expire?

Baby car seats wear out after a few years of use. In a sense, they do expire. Additionally, improved designs and technology make the latest car seats popular and preferred choices, especially when safety and functionality are concerned. You must always check for the expiry date, and upgrade whenever necessary.

7. Which type of infant car seat is best for my baby?

According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), you can use a removable, infant-only car seat if your baby weighs 20 to 22 pounds (9 to 10 kilograms). A car seat with a carrier can come in handy when travelling with a baby. You can keep the base strapped into the car seat, and only separate the carrier as and when required. There are some car seats that come with stroller frames, or have carriers that are compatible with certain pram strollers. If you can find one, you have a 3-in-1 car seat right there!

We are certain you will find more useful features in these baby car seats than you expected. Getting one of these will make each ride convenient, enjoyable, and safe for your little one!