7 Best Baby Prams and Strollers of 2022

Prams and strollers become essential when you want to give your tiny tot some exposure of the outdoors. Whether you want to take a stroll in the park on a pleasant day or run down the street to pick up some groceries, prams and strollers can make your life easy when you can’t leave your munchkin alone. And, we know you want the best for your little one! So, we’ve put together a list of the top-rated baby prams and strollers of 2021, so that you can choose one that has the features to suit you and your baby’s requirements.


List of Top 7 Best Baby Prams and Strollers in UAE

This list of baby prams and strollers will make it easier for you to choose which one to buy!


1. Cam Combi Family Modular System Bear Print – Brown

With the Cam Combi Family Modular System, you don’t need a separate car seat and a stroller. This all-in-one modular system is perfect for heading outdoors with your little one!

Why You Will Like It

This product has a three-in-one seat: you can use it as a car seat, a pushchair, and a carrycot. The seat is spacious, aerated, completely lined, and comes with a mattress, and also has a non-tip handle to ensure your baby is safe and comfortable. Its practical system allows you to easily switch between using the seat as a carrycot or a pushchair. When you want to use it as a pushchair, use the aluminium frame that has a single, adjustable handle and reversible seat to either have the baby facing you or facing forward. You also get other accessories, such as a changing bag, basket, hood, apron for the baby’s legs, and a multi-purpose rain cover to make strolling or commuting with your baby convenient. All these features make it one of the best modular strollers for babies!

2. Teknum Travel Lite Stroller SLD – Black

Now carry your baby in one of the lightest and the most convenient strollers out there!

Why You Will Like It

If you are looking for a stroller with useful features but is also lightweight, the Teknum Travel Lite Stroller SLD is just what you need! It is one of the best single strollers made for kids aged 0 to 4 years. It has a wide seat base and a multi-position reclining backrest that allows you to adjust your baby’s position. You can also fold and unfold the stroller in seconds! When not in use, pack the stroller in its stroller carry bag. The bag has room to accommodate the push trolley handle, too, so you can carry it without straining your shoulders. It can also fit in the cabin luggage of some aircraft, but you might want to make prior inquiries with the airline you are flying with. The product has a flexible drive system with shock absorbers, a sturdy frame and wheels, stroller brakes, a 5-point safety seat harness, and a mosquito net, so you can push the stroller easily and be assured that your baby is safe and comfortable inside!

3. Babyhug Cosy Cosmo Stroller With Reversible Handle & Back Pocket – Royal Blue

Expose your munchkin to the outdoors comfortably with this top-rated baby pram!

Why You Will Like It

Perfect for kids aged 0 to 3 years, the Babyhug Cosy Cosmo Stroller comes with a reversible handle that allows you to have your little one facing you or facing forward, depending on how comfortable she is. Your child’s safety and comfort are paramount for Babyhug: its 5-point safety harness can help you secure your munchkin in the seat, which has a 3-position recline to adjust her sitting or sleeping positions. The stroller also has a canopy with a window, so you can easily keep a watch on the baby while you protect her from the harsh sunlight, rain, or wind. The product has front wheels with 360-degree swivel, and an effective braking system and wheel lock function in the front and rear wheels to allow you to manoeuvre the stroller without compromising on safety. You also get additional features, such as a large storage basket for storing your baby’s essentials, and a back pocket to hold your valuables. When not in use, you can utilise its folding mechanism with a lock, and fold it into a compact size!

4. Babyhug Symphony Stroller With Reversible Handle & Mosquito Net – Blue

Taking your little one for a stroll is no longer tricky with the Babyhug Symphony Stroller!

Why You Will Like It

When your little one is secured with a 5-point safety harness in an adjustable multi-recline stroller that has swivel wheels with safe locking and braking features, she and you are sure to have a gala time exploring the outdoors without worrying about safety! This Babyhug stroller has easy-to-move swivel wheels, a sturdy frame, and a reversible handle to enable smooth strolling. The padded seat has adjustable, multi-recline positions for added comfort. The product is foldable to a compact size and can be carried during travel, too. You also get additional features such as an adjustable canopy with a window, a mosquito net, an adjustable leg rest, and a storage basket for carrying essential items.

5. Cam Combi Tris Modular System – Brown

Click the car seat in and out easily without disturbing the baby, with the Cam Combi Tris Modular System, one of the best modular strollers available in the market!

Why You Will Like It

This modular stroller can be used as a carrycot, a pushchair, and an infant car seat. It has a fast fit and release system that allows you to click in and out the seat from the pushchair in an instant. It is so swift and gentle that your little one won’t even notice it! The seat is spacious and aerated, has a comfortable mattress, and a 3-position adjustable backrest for your tiny tot’s nap times. When you want to use it as a pushchair, just click it into the aluminium frame, and you are ready to go! The pushchair has a safety harness, a large, adjustable footrest, large rear wheels, front swivel wheels with metal ball bearings, a synchronised brake system, and soft front and rear suspension to ensure a safe and smooth ride for your little one!

6. Teknum 3 in 1 Pram Stroller Story – Wine + Infant Car Seat

Make your tiny tot’s stroller rides luxurious with the Teknum 3 in 1 Pram Stroller Story!

Why You Will Like It

Take your little one anywhere you want in this luxurious 3-in-1 pram stroller, one of the best strollers and car seats for babies aged 0 to 3 years. Its high-quality material and design make it no less than a royal ride for your little one. The baby car seat is compatible with all Teknum 3-in-1 pram strollers. You can easily adjust it to make a bassinet for the baby to sleep in, or a stroller to sit in. The baby carrier seat is ergonomically designed: it is lightweight, flexible, and portable, and has a cushioned, breathable back support along with a foot cover. You also get a wide, adjustable canopy to protect your little one from harsh sunlight, wind, rain, and insects. The linen used in the stroller is soft on your baby’s skin and is easy to clean. More features, such as a handlebar, bike-like anti-skid and shock-absorbing tires made of high-quality rubber, a stable aluminium frame, and an easy installation and collapse system make it the preferred modular stroller for several parents.

7. Baby Trend Turnstyle SnapTech Jogger Travel System – Gravity

Now, parents with infants and toddlers can remain active and customise their little ones’ rides with the Baby Trend Turnstyle SnapTech Jogger Travel System!

Why You Will Like It

The Baby Trend Turnstyle SnapTech Jogger Travel System has an ultra-versatile 3-wheel jogger that most active parents prefer. It is customisable: you can have your munchkin facing you, or facing forward, in fully reclined or seated positions. This product is the best stroller with a car seat, and can also be used as an infant car seat carrier. It has a lockable front swivel wheel for ease of manoeuvrability, and an adjustable 5-point safety harness and tether strap to ensure your little one’s safety when you are on the run. The car seat is tested for side impact, and has superior head impact protection. It also has other features, such as an adjustable canopy with sun visor, side and upper peek-a-boo windows, a large storage basket for daily essentials, a storage compartment for smaller necessities, and a tray with two cup holders. When the stroller is not in use, you can easily fold it into a compact size with the easy trigger fold feature.


1. What is the difference between a baby pram and stroller?

Prams allow parents to carry newborns who haven’t yet acquired the skill to sit upright, while strollers allow babies or young kids to sit upright. Strollers are equipped with features such as a harness to keep babies safe and comfortable when seated, while prams don’t. Prams only allow parents to carry the baby in a sleeping position.

2. When can I start sitting the baby up in a stroller?

You can start sitting your baby up when she is 5 to 7 months old. Some babies may need support till they develop the strength to hold the sitting position independently. You may practice discretion when using a stroller and ensure your little one is harnessed properly when seated.

3. Three-wheeler vs. four-wheeler – which baby pram is safer?

Three-wheelers and four-wheelers both have their pros and cons. The use and levels of safety also differ. If you are an active parent and never miss your daily run, you can go for the three-wheeler stroller, as it is suitable for rugged jogging tracks. The four-wheeled strollers are more stable; however, they will restrict your movement to a great extent. On other days, when you only need to take your baby out on a stroll, a four-wheeled stroller is advisable, because of its stability and sturdiness.

4. Why is it not good to use secondhand/used prams for babies?

The safety and quality standards of baby products are continuously revised. A used or secondhand pram may not meet the present standards of child safety. Therefore, it is always better to extend the budget and get a brand-new pram or stroller for your baby. An offer made by a friend or relative on their own pram or stroller might seem tempting, but you should find out why the parent wants to sell it. It is best not to buy it if it is damaged or broken in any way.

5. When should I stop using a stroller?

You can stop using a stroller when it cannot accommodate your child anymore, or when the child transitions out of it all by herself. This usually happens past the age of 3 or 4 years.

6. How long should an infant lie flat in a pram?

An infant can lie flat in a pram till she has developed the muscle tone to hold herself upright (aged 5-months and above).

We hope, with these options, your search for the best strollers and car seats ends right here. Choose the one that meets your needs the best, and go about exploring the outdoors safely and comfortably with your munchkin!