8 Best Baby High Chairs of 2021

Babies are bundles of joy and surprises. Even though you will know when your little one is most likely to meet her growth milestones, each development will come as a brand-new surprise! This means you will have to be ready ahead of time, not to manage your emotions, but to make the transition easier for your little one. When it’s time for your munchkin to sit upright, it is advisable that you get her a personal seat that provides her with a safe and comfortable place to do her activities or have her meals. This list of the best high chairs and booster seats will save you doing a ton of research when you think it’s time to buy one for your baby.


List of Top 8 Best High Chairs & Booster Seats in UAE

1. Cam Istante High Chair Bear – Beige

If you are looking for a long-term solution, you must get the Cam Instante High Chair!


What’s in It for You

The Cam Instante High Chair is an adjustable chair for babies aged 0-36 months old. Yes, you can use it right after your child is born, too! Just adjust it in a complete lying or horizontal position, or in three different sitting positions when your child is old enough to sit. You can also adjust the length and the height of the chair, as well as the footrest. It is foldable to store it away when your munchkin is doing some other activity or taking a nap. The chair has two removable trays that can be used when you want a feeding chair for your baby, and a removable toy bar with toys and melodies to keep her entertained. To ensure your little one’s safety, the chair comes with a 5-point harness and two caster wheels. It has been tested for side, front, and rear stability to prevent the baby from tipping over. You also get storage compartments and a large basket to store your baby’s essentials, so you don’t have to leave the room looking for things, and you can be with your munchkin through her mealtimes, at least till she gets used to the chair.

2. Evenflo Trillo 3 In 1 High Chair – Pink

Whether it is feeding or activity time for your little one, the Evenflo Trillo 3 In 1 High Chair is a handy product to have for her!

What’s in It for You

The Evenflo Trillo 3 In 1 High Chair provides three unique ways to support your growing baby. To turn it into a full-size chair, stack all the modular components and your baby can sit in it comfortably. Its height is perfect for interactive feeding. As your little one grows, she can use it as a ‘My Time’ chair, too. Most kids around eight months of age are tall enough to place their feet on the ground while seated in the chair. Your child can do innumerable activities and also feed independently, as she sits comfortably in the chair. This product is thus one of the best feeding chairs for babies.

3. Babyhug Dolce Vita 3 in 1 High Chair With Caster Wheels & 5 Point Safety Harness – Green

Get more than what you expected with the Babyhug Dolce Vita 3 in 1 High Chair!

What’s in It for You

Perfect for kids aged six months to three years, this product is the best 3-in-1 high chair for infants and toddlers. Other than using it as a high chair, you can convert it into a rocking chair by removing the double dining tray. It can be converted into a study/activity table, too. Your child will be comfortable in the cushioned seat, which has a 5-point safety harness to ensure she is secure. The caster wheels with brakes allow you to move the chair and lock it, to give your child a new view every time she is seated in it! When it’s time to keep it away, fold it neatly and store it. Its foldable function makes it the best high chair for small spaces!

4.Baby Trend Deluxe II Nursery Center Ziggy + TOT Spot 3 In 1 High Chair Ziggy

Get a 3-in-1 solution to meet all your baby’s requirements, whether it’s sleeping, feeding, or diaper changing!

What’s in It for You

With this product, you can manage a safe environment for your little one when she wants to feed or snooze, or needs a diaper change. The product has six adjustable height settings and two reclining positions that make interactive feeding easy. When it is time for a diaper change, the changing station, the deluxe 3-pocket parent organiser, and the built-in diaper stacker come in handy. When you’re done changing your munchkin, just flip the changing station over! Nap times are convenient, too, as this product has a shaded canopy, an electronic system for soothing music, and a night light to help your baby sleep peacefully. And, when it is time for an activity, simply unzip the canopy and convert it into a toy bar. As your baby grows, you can remove the bassinet, and transform it into a safe space for her to play in! The product has dual wheels with brakes, and a harness for easy mobility and added security, and it is foldable, too! With so many features, isn’t it one of the best high chairs for toddlers?

5. Mastela Fold Up Adjustable Chair – Pink

With the Mastela Fold Up Adjustable Chair, your munchkin can enjoy mealtimes like a grown-up at your dinner table.

What’s in It for You

The chair can be placed and secured on an ordinary chair to give your child a seat at the dining table. She can now enjoy eating with the family and learn table etiquettes early on. The chair has a 5-level height adjustment feature; it grows as your child grows. The backrest and 3-point safety harness provide support and keep her secured when she’s learning how to eat like everyone else in the family. It’s foldable, too, so you can store it in a small space when it is not needed.

6. Cam Pappananna High Chair Rabbit – Grey

Entertain your little one and offer a personal feeding and resting place with the Cam Pappananna High Chair Rabbit!

What’s in It for You

Now leisure and feeding time are comfortable with this feeding chair for babies. This chair is versatile; it has an adjustable 4-position backrest, 8-level height adjustment, and a modifiable footrest with three height and length positions. There is a removable tray to provide your baby with a comfortable dining experience while she is nicely seated in a soft, cushioned seat. You can also ensure your tiny tot’s safety with its 5-point harness. When you’re done using it, just fold it to store it. When folded, the chair stands upright, saving a lot of space. This chair can be a good high chair for small spaces.

7. Infantino Music & Lights 3-In-1 Discovery Booster Seat – Blue

Get some lights, music, and interactive play into your little one’s life early on, with this redefined 3-in-1 high chair!

What’s in It for You

Mealtimes can’t get better with the Infantino Music & Lights 3-In-1 Discovery Booster Seat. It has six fun activities, including a light-up piano with twenty songs and sounds for interactive play! The seat is designed to support infants in the sitting position, and secure them using the 2-point safety harness. Its stimulating play pods will keep your baby happily engaged, encourage sensory development, and help build fine motor skills. The pods are removable, so you can place them on the floor during tummy time, or carry them along for on-the-go fun. When your munchkin is ready for a snack, just slide the pods apart to reveal the tray with a cup holder. This booster seat can be conveniently secured to a chair to provide a comfortable place for your tiny tot.

8. Mastela Folding Booster Seat – Pink

Now, carry your baby’s seat everywhere you take her!

What’s in It for You

The Mastela Folding Booster Seat is one of the best booster seats for babies, as it is light, foldable, and compact. You can carry it along wherever you go, whether it is a restaurant, a friend’s place, or on holiday. It will help you ensure your baby is seated safely in a chair or on the floor. Adjust the positions, and use the removable tray to allow your little one to comfortably enjoy her food during her mealtimes. The chair also gives a sense of familiarity, allowing your child to feel at ease in new surroundings. With this chair, you will be carrying a tiny bit of your home wherever you take your little one!


1. What to consider when buying a high chair?

When buying a high chair, ensure you get one that meets all your requirements. Because you will be using it every single day until your baby grows out of it, get one that is sturdy and durable, and that can be cleaned daily. Go for certified products to ensure the same. Take a careful look at all the features, and decide if you want a traditional high chair, a multi-purpose high chair, or a modular chair (one that can be adjusted as your baby grows). Check for a safety harness, wheel locks, seat cushioning, edges, etc. When your baby is seated in it, you want to be sure she is safe.

2. Do I need a high chair for my newborn?

You do not need a high chair for your newborn. Wait at least until she can sit up (6 months and above) so that you can secure her properly with the harness. However, products like the Baby Trend Deluxe II Nursery Center Ziggy + TOT Spot 3 In 1 High Chair Ziggy are multi-purpose and can be used for newborns, too. It is perfect for parents who want to be prepared for the upcoming milestones beforehand.

3. How long can babies stay in high chairs?

Once the baby can sit comfortably without support, her time in the high chair depends on her age. Some babies like it only during mealtimes, while others can sit in it and do activities like painting, or playing with their toys. However, it is important that you do not skip your little one’s tummy time, crawling, or walking time. Therefore, look for cues, and keep a close watch on her time in the high chair.

4.What are the different types of high chairs?

There are essentially three types of high chairs:

  • Traditional High Chair – These are standard high chairs that have four long legs, and a seat for the baby.
  • Multi-purpose High Chair – These chairs are foldable and convertible to some extent. They usually have units that can be separated, so you can use them for more than one purpose.
  • Modular High Chair – Modular high chairs have features that can be adjusted to suit your baby’s growth. They have height adjustments, sitting positions, and footrest adjustments to allow your baby to use such a chair comfortably for a couple of years at least. Modular high chairs can be folded as well.

5. What safety features should you look for in a high chair?

When buying a high chair, look for safety features such as a harness, sturdy build, wheels with a locking system, a firm backrest, and a cushioned seat. Ensure there are no sharp or rough edges that could prick or injure your baby. In the case of modular high chairs, ensure each component can be removed and placed smoothly without causing any discomfort or harm for the baby.

6. Can I use a high chair before the baby starts solids?

Yes, you can use a high chair before you start feeding solids. Solids are usually given to babies once they are six months old, and the baby needs to be familiar with being seated for eating solids. Therefore, you can get your little one used to a high chair or a booster chair before introducing solids.

A high chair is a must to encourage babies to sit upright and prepare their bodies for further stages. Get one of these chairs, and make the transition easy for your munchkin when she is ready to sit up!