A Complete List of Things to Stock Up For Babies During the Coronavirus Outbreak

When you have a baby in the house, you tend to have a list of ‘Things to buy for baby’ almost all the time. Taking care of a little one is not an easy-affair on regular days, and in the times of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it can be anxiety-inducing.


As the number of cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus are increasing exponentially, you must stay home for as long as it takes for things to go back to normal again. You need not panic in these times, stay prepared instead, for yourself and for your baby. Besides stocking up on groceries, veggies, medicines, among other things, there are some essentials that you can and should stock up on (not hoard or stockpile) for your baby.


Here’s a list of things you should buy for your baby during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

1. Baby Food or Formula

Baby food or formula milk

Babies below six months of age should be breastfed alone, no doubt, but if the breast milk doesn’t suffice, they can be given formula milk in addition to the breast milk. If you’re using formula milk for your baby along with breastfeeding him, you should buy at least 2-3 packs of a formula for your baby or the equivalent for two weeks at a time to avoid too many trips outside. Choose the one recommended by your baby’s paediatrician and check the expiry date before stocking up.

If your baby has started on solids, then you should also stock up on baby food such as fortified baby cereal.

2. Feeding Bottles

Feeding bottles

If your baby uses a feeding bottle to drink milk, buy at least 2-3 feeding bottles so that you can use them as and when needed, without having to wash and sterilise the same bottle frequently. When you have enough, you can let the bottles air dry completely before use. Here’s a buying tip – choose feeding bottles that are BPA-free and anti-colic. The anti-colic valve in the nipple is designed to ensure that the baby does not feel gassy after drinking through the bottle. Read the manufacturing details carefully before making a hasty purchase.

3. Clothes

Baby clothes

Your baby may already have enough clothes to last a couple of months, but there’s always room for extra cute and comfy outfits, isn’t it? Onesies, tees and shorts, rompers, night suits, socks, mittens, and more – make sure you have enough of everything. This is more important during the current coronavirus outbreak and it is best to wash and disinfect clothing as often as possible. To do this you’ll need enough and more spare clothes.

4. Medicines

A mother giving medicines to her baby

As your baby’s immune system is not completely developed,  he is more prone to catching infections and illnesses. As you are going to be home for a while, you must check with your baby’s paediatrician and stock up on the medicines recommended by him. Keep these handy in case your baby does fall sick during this social distancing period.

5. Diapers

Baby diapers

With a baby in the house, you can never have enough diapers. You can get a month or two’s supply of baby diapers, and you may wonder if it will be sufficient. With your baby’s round-the-clock feeding schedule, it’s going to get messy often, so stock up on disposable diapers, cloth diapers, and diaper pants, and change them frequently.

6. Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rash cream

Diaper rash is extremely common in babies; almost all babies develop some sort of rash at some point in their diaper stage, but it is more common in hot summer months. If your baby has sensitive skin, he will be more prone to developing diaper rash in summers. The excessive heat during summers may generate moisture in your baby’s diaper, which can irritate his skin and cause diaper rash; and sweat and soiled diapers during this time can further add to his misery.

To easily manage diaper rash, invest in a good quality diaper rash cream. Buy a cream that is paraben-free and does not contain synthetic colours, the usual factors that cause allergies and rash. A diaper rash cream that is gentle on your baby’s skin will treat diaper rash effectively and keep his skin baby soft. At a time like this, it’s best to stock up to keep your baby comfortable.

7. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes

Baby wipes will come in handy for just about anything. You can use them to clean up diaper spills, spit-ups, soiled surfaces, and even the spit up on your clothes. Baby wipes can make the life of a new parent quite easy. While buying baby wipes, choose the ones that are alcohol and fragrance-free, and soft on baby’s skin.

8. Snacks

Baby snacks

Babies need to be fed every two hours, and if you have a baby who has started on solids, he will enjoy snacking in between his meals just like you do. But when it comes to babies, remember you should opt for healthy snacks alone. You don’t want to give your baby high-sugar items or fried snacks.

For your little one, buy health snacks made of whole wheat grains, such as ragi and oats. You can also buy snacks that have dates and berries, and powdered nuts in them. Steer clear of snacks with artificial colours and additives.

9. Moisturiser and Baby Oil

Baby oil

To keep your baby’s skin soft and smooth, do buy moisturiser and baby oil. You can buy a couple of bottles of moisturiser and baby oils of the brand you prefer but do not hoard them. You can buy them later too.

10. Baby Powder

Baby powder

This is a must-have in summers. It will keep your baby’s skin dry. It can also help prevent the common problem of chafing (which occurs when the skin rubs against skin or clothing, and in baby’s case – diapers) in summers. Use baby powder on your baby’s skin twice or thrice a day to keep him sweat-free.

11. Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser

With a baby in the house, you anyways have to maintain hygiene, but in the times of the novel coronavirus, washing hands and using hand sanitiser seems the only way to prevent the chances of catching the infection. So keep a few big bottles of hand sanitiser (with an alcohol content of more than 60%) around the house and use it frequently when dealing with your baby. Ask everyone in the family to use it too before touching the baby.

12. Toys

Toys for babies

Toys may not qualify as ‘essential items for baby’, but you will need them if you need to maintain your sanity while being locked up in your home during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Your baby is bound to get restless, and you will need enough and more toys to keep him entertained (or distracted) while you work from home. So buy toys of all sizes and shapes. From puzzles to stacking cups to blocks to train sets and musical toys, you will thank their existence!

These are some essentials that you must buy for your baby during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Parents, be prepared, you don’t know for how long you may have to stay indoors to keep yourself safe, so stock up on what’s necessary and take care of your baby.