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200 Islamic or Muslim Baby Girl Names With Meanings

When choosing from all possible Indian Muslim baby girl names, your choice can vary between traditional ones which have a modern ring to them, or even some obscure yet lovely words. While names do have a degree of importance to them, they are highly prized in Islam since the Quran refers to everyone being summoned on Judgement Day by their name. Therefore, picking a name that will appeal to all is the number one priority.


Unique Islamic Baby Names for Girls

When coming up with baby names for Muslim girls, there is a large collection of unique names that have a beautiful texture to them.

Name Meaning
Aadab A trendy name that indicates perpetual hope
Aa’idah Name of a narrator of hadith
Aaliya A popular name in recent times representing a high social stature
Abla A woman who is fully formed
A’dab A person who is full of hope
Adeeva The pleasant gentleness of a woman’s touch
Ahad A woman who always keeps her promise
Almaas Another word for a girl shining like a diamond
Ameera The worshipped and exalted one
Anisha Can either mean someone mysterious or a very good friend
Baadia A unique name for a very unique girl
Badai Wonder,Marval
Badra Full Moon
Bareeka The beauty of a blossoming flower
Benazir Referencing the wonderful leader, it is also another name for a princess
Cancandanc Light of Allah
Caria Beloved
Daaria A river that never recedes its flow
Daima Someone who would be present throughout her life
Dalila Delicate ,Gentle
Damira Long live the world
Eila Oak tree, Earth
Eira Snow
Falak The beautiful sky that glows with her light
Fara A popular name for a girl who brings happiness with her
Fauzia A woman who always finds success in her life
Fayroz Inspired by the beautiful shade of the colour turquoise
Ghushan The tender branches of a tree
Haaniya The gift of simple happiness in our lives
Huda A trending name indicating the correct way to lead a life
Ilhaam A girl who is an inspiration for everyone around her
Inbihaaj A cheerful young lady
Jahanara A strong woman meant to rule the world
Jannat Another popular Muslim name referencing the paradise
Kaarima A girl who is extremely generous
Laakia Someone who is no less precious than a treasure
Maaysa A woman who has a confident walk
Mahaa This could refer to a rare gem or even an endless supply of pure water
Malala Intensely loved after Malala Yusufzai became a well-known name, it refers to the strength from grievance
Naayla A name meant for the princess of Egypt
Nabeela Someone who is noble
Nadima Companion
Nausheen The simple sweetness of a young girl
Nazia A daughter who brings glory to her family
Pegah The emergence of a new dawn
Raadva As tall and mighty as the mountain in Medina itself
Raaya A friend for life
Reema A highly popular name amongst many cultures, referring to a thick forest
Salima A woman completely flawless in every way
Sarah Still used widely by many, for its reference to a princess
Shaaheen As royal as an eagle
Shakufa A flower that is emerging beautifully
Sofia An intelligent and wise woman
Tabana Bright Moonlight
Tabinda Shines, Bright
Taheera A pretty exotic name for a chaste woman
Taleeha The seeker of all knowledge
Ummeed Another word for undying hope
Veeya Wealth
Wabisa Something Bright
Yameena A woman who has been brought up the right way
Yasmeen A popular Muslim name for a girl resembling a jasmine flower
Zahra As vast and expansive as the desert itself
Zaina A simple name for a graceful woman
Zara The resplendent nature of a flower

List of Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names

When looking for uncommon girl names that have a modern tone to them, the confusion can quickly get real with each name becoming better than the previous one. Here’s a handpicked list of some great names you can pick from.

Name Meaning
Abeeda The loyal worshipper of God
Adara A girl as pure as a virgin
Afaf A simple and chaste daughter
Ahlum A quick-witted and sharp woman
A’idah One who is returning
A’ishah Life, Living Prosperous
Amaal The bringer of hope in the world
Amtulah The favourite servant of God
Asheeta Someone who is desired by many
Asma While the Hindi equivalent refers to the sky, this word refers to the quality of excellence
Ayesha A wife of the Prophet, who was also prosperous
Baashima The infectiousness of a smile
Badrai Fullness of the moon, rain that falls before winter
Badreeya A woman resembling the glow of a full moon
Badyah Admirable, knowledgeable person
Bilkis An alternative name for Queen Sheba
Chellam Pampered
ChudarOli Brilliant
Dania God is my judge
Dayesha The very essence of being alive
Deemah The beauty of rainwater
Elijah Beautiful, Sweet, Smart
Fadela Excellent
Faham Understanding, Intelligent
Farida A daughter who is the most precious one
Fatima A modern and common name, which is also the name for the Prophet’s daughter
Fayza A woman who always brings back victory
Feroza The soothing nature of turquoise colour
Haadiya The gift of righteousness granted by the Lord
Hina Another popular name referring to the henna in a mehendi
Imaan The virtue of having faith
Intisaar Not to be confused with intezaar, this word refers to victory
Jaleela A girl who manifests illustrious deeds in her life
Jasmine The aroma of a jasmine flower
Kaadira A woman who is capable of achieving anything
Khatija Someone who can trust blindly
Leena A tender woman with a warm heart
Mahaala The oozing power of femininity
Mallika The royal queen of all mankind
Mehar Someone who is benevolent in nature
Naadiya An exotic name for a woman who is the bringer of all new
Naazwa A passionate and secret whisper
Nabila Happiness
Neema A girl who is a blessing from God
Noor The shining light sent from God
Onima Analysis
Qadira Capable
Qamara Moon
Reeda A staunch devotee of Allah
Rehma A kind-hearted and compassionate person
Sabeen Morning Breeze
Sadaaka The kindness of being charitable
Saida A woman who brings good fortune
Samira A wonderful name that harkens to a calm evening spent with a friend
Shadaan Someone who is always cheerful
Shakira A popular singer of our times, with a name that refers to gracefulness
Siddiqa A girl that never fails to keep her word
Sumaaya The one who brings endless joy and pride
Taima The pleasurable sound of thunder
Tehzeeb An elegant young woman
Vida The quality of obviousness in life
Yara As beautiful and tender as a butterfly
Zaayra The magnificent nature of a rose
Zahira She who shines brightly at night
Ziah She who sheds light in dark times

Latest Islamic Baby Girl Names

Picking names for your daughter would leave you with the ones that can stay in pace with the times and be trending. Here are some of those that can help you start a trend as well.

Name Meaning
Aafra The colour of life and Mother Earth
Abir An intoxicating fragrance
Adeela Someone who is equal to all
Aidah The reward of coming back home
Aleema A woman is highly educated and intelligent
Ameena A girl who can put your trust in
Anaan The shade of a cloud on a sunny day
Azeeza A popular name for a girl that is courageous
Bahamin An emerging spring that brings the water of life
Batul A woman who is calm, silent, and pious
Bukairah A reference to a popular narrator in old traditions
Danin A lovely young princess
Dunia A woman’s power of bringing life in the world
Faadila The one born with the virtue of generosity
Fakiha A classic name that refers to happiness
Fariya The smile that adorns a woman’s face
Fateen A girl with captivating eyes
Furat The sweet taste of water
Ghaaliya Fragrant
Ghadia Morning, Cloud
Gohar Jewel, Diamond
Gul jan Flower Life
Haameda One who is praises allah
Hajna Favour, Grace
Hamidah Praiseworthy
Hanaan A merciful and just woman
Hidaya An obedient daughter following all instructions
Ibtihal Prayer, Invocation
Idai Awakening, Love
Ikrima A female pigeon
Inaaya Someone who is concerned with the well-being of all
Jaadva A girl granted by Allah himself
Jahida Abstinent, Helper
Jamila A woman with complete feminine grace
Johi Jasmine
Kaheesha Poetess,
Kaishori Goddess Parvati
Kaleela The most beloved one of all
Laayla The intoxicating beauty of the night
Lakhta Ear Ring
Lamiah Shine
Leyla Night
Lulu As sweet as the name might sound, it refers to a rare pearl
Lyana Sun, God has answered
Maeen Water Stream, Fountain
Mahabbat Love, Affection
Mahira A girl filled with liveliness to the brim
Maryam A reference to Mother Mary and her purity
Naasheeta Someone who is the core of all life
Naaya The quality of a girl to comfort everyone around her
Nayma A beautiful name for a woman who brings endless peace
Neesa The ultimate essence of a woman
Omayra The boldness and strength of the colour, red
Raabia A woman as gentle as a gust of breeze
Raajiya Someone who gives people hope
Rihanna The immensely successful singer, whose name also refers to the holiness of basil
Sadiya A girl who is fortunate no matter what
Saleena A daughter born with the beauty of the moon
Sanah The brilliant sunshine emerging from the top of a mountain
Shadeen A rare name referring to a deer who lives alone in the forest
Shamina The simple beauty of a girl
Sohila A shining star in the night sky
Taaba Another rare name indicative of a girl’s sweetness
Taaliba Someone who looks for knowledge everywhere
Thanaa An occasion that is festive in nature
Yamaama Referring to the agile nature of a dove in the wild
Yasmin A twist on Jasmine, referring the same flower
Zaakiya A name referring to a popular historical figure
Zainab Referring to the Prophet’s wife
Zoya A popular modern name for a girl that is truly alive

Tips for Choosing a Meaningful Islamic Name for Your Baby Girl

Islamic names offer a wide variety of options from which you can pick a great name for your baby girl. It is important to know that any name you pick would be used by the girl later in her life. Therefore, avoid taking names that are too complicated to speak or have too many syllables. If you still do, make sure there is a nickname you can form out of it. Girls prefer having names that have a beautiful quality associated with it, and sounds great when someone calls it out. Explore each name for that texture.

Finding popular Muslim baby girl names should not be a difficult task, given the fact that the sources range from various countries and traditions. The name of a woman today holds great importance than it did before, and it can also be indicative of who she will grow up to be. At times, names also help instil qualities in children indirectly.