27 Weeks Pregnant with Twins or Multiples

Congratulations! You made it this far with twins or multiple babies in your womb. Being 27 weeks pregnant with twins is not easy indeed and you out of all know all that you have been through. You deserve a round of applause for the same. Foetal development ought to take place properly and since you have reached the 27th week of your pregnancy, it is a great sign that you have taken care of your little ones the right way. This is the phase where you need to be more vigilant as this is the final phase of your pregnancy. Your lifestyle choices will begin to matter even more than before and affect your babies directly. The initial month of the last trimester holds the key responsibilities to ensure that your tiny twins or triplets stay safe and secure. A twin pregnancy or one with triplets needs to be given some more attention than usual.


The Growth of the Babies at 27 Weeks

By the beginning of the 27th week of pregnancy, the physical development of your babies will be progressing the way it was in the earlier week, but their awareness levels are taking on a new page altogether. Do you remember the phase, when your babies rested quietly in your womb with their occasional movements? Well, that would seem like a thing way in the past now! Their eyesight will be improved and their sensitivity towards light as well as sounds within the body and from the outside will increase tremendously. This begins to manifest in such substantial ways, that if the babies wish to sleep and you are outside in the daylight, they would choose to turn around in your womb and face the other direction to sleep peacefully.


Many babies will have their genitals developed around this time, while in other babies, it might be in progress as of yet. The testicles in male babies begin to descend gradually, as the growth of the scrotal sac begins to reach a size that can hold the testes together. Similarly, the clitoris of the female babies initiates its growth around this time.

For mothers who are pregnant with twins or multiples, the size of their babies would always be a cause of worry, since most of the references that you’d come across would be about women who are pregnant with a single child. The weight and height of multiples are generally less than that of an only child and this is a well-observed and accepted medical fact. These little ones will catch up pretty soon once they are out in the real world. A proper diet will make it easier for babies to achieve so. Now that their suckling tendencies are getting strong as well, with thumb sucking being their favourite activity, a proper breastfeeding schedule will support their growth later on.

What is the Size of the Babies?

By the 27th week of your pregnancy, your little ones will be as large as a cauliflower. Single babies are usually 900 grams in weight and their height is around 37 centimetres. However, multiple babies may weigh less.

Twin Pregnancy Week 27 - the size of the babies

Common Bodily Changes

Since the 27th-week bids farewell to the honeymoon phase of the pregnancy, your body begins to show numerous body signs that will make you fully aware of the third trimester’s onset.

  • The pain that plagues the body will begin to spread across many other sections, due to the increasing uterine size and the body weight. Your thighs and leg joints will bear the most of it since all the weight of the babies will have to be carried by them. Combined with the pushing of internal organs and the shifting of the centre of gravity, the pain in the back and lower hip will take a new form altogether.
  • The stomach and intestines will have a hsrdf time together since they are being constricted for space. You can prepare yourself for increased bouts of indigestion and sensations of feeling bloated, as there might even be instances where acid reflux rises to your throat. You might have to adjust your dietary schedule further to keep this in check.
  • Your heart will pump immense amounts of blood to the uterus as well as other sections of the body. Your face receives a huge side-effect of this increased circulation, leading to sensitive gums, nostrils and throat. While you may experience bleeding in your gums when you brush your teeth, there might be occasional instances of bleeding through your nose, or a constant stuffy feeling, combined with a throat that’s extremely sore.
  • Hormonal fluctuations reach their peak this week, and you may have a problem with sleeping and you may also get weird dreams. Some women also tend to experience hot flashes or sudden chills in the day. In any case, it is best to get a doctor to take a look if this tends to get severe.

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 27 Weeks

When you have already completed 27 weeks of your pregnancy, you honestly do not need further signs to understand that you are pregnant. Yet, your body will keep throwing up symptoms that you need to get used to:

  • As the third-trimester starts, you will get false alarms for labour. These tiny contractions, known as Braxton Hicks, will occur randomly and fade away in a few minutes. While these are fine, any specific frequency or increase in the pain should be brought to your doctor’s notice immediately.
  • The constant passing of gas and acid reflux will also be frequent because of the internal uterine pressure. The babies inside can put a lot of weight on the intestine, resulting in increased bouts of constipation this week. If haemorrhoids are also present, the entire functionality can be an irritation for you.
  • Your body can only allow so much space for the babies in your womb before it needs to push things around and compromise with itself. As a result, your diaphragm and lungs will struggle with tiny space. A consequence of it is the failure of these organs in expanding as much as they used to, leading to smaller intakes of breath.
  • Out of all the organs, your bladder might take the cake for bearing the most of the pressure, quite literally. By this stage, your bladder control will be out for a toss, causing you to pee a little every time you sneeze, laugh, or put any pressure. Frequent loo visits are your only way out.

Twin Pregnancy – Belly at 27 Weeks

If you are one of those women who are lucky not to experience numerous irritating symptoms of your pregnancy, rest assured your stomach would do its job in making you realise how far into the pregnancy you genuinely are. Your babies’ growth continues unabated as they gain weight. Your weight will increase too which will reflect by the increase in your belly size. Some women may feel a point of stress or push around their tummy.

Twin Pregnancy at 27 Weeks – Ultrasound

Regular and frequent ultrasounds would usually begin from the coming weeks and your doctor won’t ask you to have one at the 27th week of pregnancy unless there is a need to investigate any particular condition. There’s nothing much the ultrasound will reveal, except for the babies sleeping soundly while sucking their thumbs intermittently.

What To Eat

It is advised to carry your previous week’s diet into this week as well. Just remember that the key to a healthy pregnancy is healthy eating habits. Ensure that your meal portions are small and frequent as it will reduce the chances of indigestion. Start your day with a carbohydrate-rich breakfast, while the rest of the meals should have copious quantities of calcium and iron. Opt for yoghurt regularly. Drinking water or homemade fruit juices without any added sugar would serve you well.

Twin Pregnancy Week 27 - what to eat

Pregnancy Care Tips

Take good care of your body and prepare itself for the third trimester with a few tips mentioned below.


  • Discuss with your doctor the checkups that will be conducted with the ultrasound.
  • Prepare yourself for the possibility of a premature delivery.


  • Do not ignore your dental hygiene even if you experience bleeding gums.
  • Refrain from scratching your belly as much as possible.

What You Need to Shop For

Soon your babies will be out in the real world and you need to be prepared to take care of them in the best possible way. So, here is what you need to buy for your babies:

  • A pram with seats for multiple babies.
  • A large diaper bag with various compartments.

Carrying twins at 27 weeks in the womb would have already instilled you with a confidence that you can very well hold them safely until delivery. Keep this confidence alive and maintain your physical and mental strength to see yourself through the final trimester with ease and happiness.