25 Weeks Pregnant with Twins or Multiples

By the 25th week of your pregnancy, especially when you are pregnant with twins or triplets, you will be aware all the growth that has taken place in the previous months. The bodies of your babies as well as your own will have undergone numerous changes, all of which would have not only resulted in increased weight and tummy but also a sense of fatigue at times. It might get difficult for you to maintain the peak of your energy the way you used to. However, having an active lifestyle is necessary even at this stage, since it helps the body maintain its strength, which is beneficial during delivery.

The Growth of the Babies at 25 Weeks

The intensity with which your babies were growing in the previous weeks will continue to be at the same level if not at a higher one. A lot more changes are expected in the upcoming weeks, which will ensure that your twins or triplets can survive outside the womb and the growth is focused entirely on making that happen.

The lungs of the babies will develop around this time. These take quite some time to start functioning. But, by now, they will increase in size, causing them to fill out as much as possible so that they can take air in a substantial amount. In this week, as the size and the network within the lungs increases, numerous blood vessels develop within them as well along with a circulatory system. These prove to be the crux for keeping the babies alive, allowing the lungs to absorb the oxygen from the inhaled air into the blood, which can then be transported to different organs within the body.

The skin that babies have around this stage is still a little translucent. But this is developing a brilliant sheen by itself, as it starts to form a tan and the fat deposits grow over it. Along with it, the blood capillaries begin to spread their branches all over the body as well. When the blood starts to pump through them, they start to get a reddish-tinge. This is precisely what makes the skin of the newborns to be of the healthy pink colour.

What is the Size of the Babies?

If you’ve ever seen a large turnip in the farms, that’s pretty much the size of your babies in this week. Their length and weight increase week by week, improving quite some along the journey. When measured, their height usually comes somewhere around 35 centimetres while their weight tends to hover close to 650-700 grams. The weight of each baby, in the case of twins or triplets, will be slightly less, and the same goes for their height.

Twin Pregnancy at 25 weeks - the size of the babies

Common Bodily Changes

The changes that women pregnant with multiples experience in the 25th week of their pregnancy are usually an extended version of their previous symptoms.

  • Were you one of those women whose sexual drive reached a massive peak in the previous months? That entire phase would have been a gorgeous one for you and your partner, indulging in some celebration for the babies. While some women might continue to have the same drive through this week, most others will begin to experience a shortfall. The libido takes a major hit as the size of the stomach starts to increase immensely. This may usually happen over a period of weeks, while some women may experience a sudden plummet in those emotions, causing them to feel even more strange and cranky or exhausted with the entire situation. It is essential for your partner to support you through it and understand that this is all a result of the pregnancy and hormones. As a result of the changes in your hormones and body, you will not be able to indulge in sex.
  • The time when you begin to experience the presence of the babies inside your womb, the feeling is very similar to experiencing a whooshing sensation in the stomach or little jerks inside. As the second trimester begins to approach an end, your body becomes extremely sensitive to the numerous activities your babies are undertaking by themselves. Not only are they getting stronger and more active with their physical experimentation, but the expanding uterus also puts itself in contact with numerous internal organs as well as your stretched skin. Therefore, any jabs or kicks by your budding martial arts enthusiasts will be instantly recognisable to you. In a few women, the babies can be extraordinarily overactive and their movements may cause minor pain to you.
  • Your sexual drive and libido are not the only aspects that take a hit. The energy that brought a sense of rejuvenation inside you when the second trimester began will begin to fade away as it reaches its completion. This is also a result of the extra work the body has to continuously undertake to take care of a constantly enlarging tummy, and the demands placed by the uterus. Combined with numerous activities of your own, right from your workplace, to other responsibilities of the household, paired with the necessities of putting things together for your babies, all the exhaustion shouldn’t come as a surprise. The absence of any restful periods tends to make it even worse.

Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy at 25 Weeks

The pressure that comes with the growing pregnancy will start making itself more evident in the coming weeks. This can make the symptoms of being pregnant with twins well-known to you.

  • At 25 weeks, your uterus will be pushing around all the organs in the abdominal region by quite a large degree. Your stomach and intestines will already be bearing the discomfort due to it. When hormones jump into the fray and make the situation worse, the chances of experiencing indigestion and acidity begin to increase at this week. This is usually the period when you may feel constantly full as well as end up passing gas quite frequently through the day. The intestinal trouble will tend to aggravate constipation by yet another degree. However, adequate water and fibre intake will balance this out.
  • Bloating, passing of gas, and constipation are not the only symptoms that you experience when you are pregnant with twins or triplets at 25 weeks. As you approach the completion of your pregnancy term, the chances of haemorrhoids will begin to increase. These are extremely irritating and get worse in cases of twins or triplets when the weight might be a lot more than a single pregnancy. While this makes matters worse down there, the pushing of the babies inside the uterus can cause the contents of the stomach, especially the acid, to rise higher into the oesophagus. You can take the simple antacids. However, you should consult your doctor before you pop a pill on your own.
  • At this time, you may have trouble passing poop and you will spend a lot of time in the toilet. You may also visit the toilet a number of times to urinate. Your toilet is most likey to become your second home! Around this time, the bladder is under immense physical pressure from the uterus pressing into it, leading it to expel even the smallest quantities of urine as quickly as possible.

Twin Pregnancy – Belly at 25 Weeks

Women have had their tummies growing right until they deliver the child, whereas there are also a few having their stomach pretty much around the same size right until the delivery. Both cases are normal and the babies delivered are entirely healthy. You may gain more weight during this time which may show on your belly. The final trimester is nearly here and the growth can start taking a slowdown in its rate.

Twin Pregnancy at 25 Weeks – Ultrasound

The 25th week is usually not a time where doctors would recommend an ultrasound scan, since within a week or two, conducting a fortnightly scan would become the norm to track the final development of your babies. If it is done, you will notice that your babies will indulge in some thumb sucking or swallowing exercises to practice their breastfeeding abilities. Similarly, you will also observe them be cute and chubby in the coming weeks.

What To Eat

Anaemia in this phase of the pregnancy is common. Hence it is essential that you adhere to a diet that is rich in oatmeal, beetroots, pulses, and so on. Intake of protein and amino acids is also necessary, along with numerous fruits and vegetables, all of them in a safe quantity.

Twin Pregnancy at 25 weeks - what to eat

Pregnancy Care Tips

Taking care of your pregnancy in the 25th week requires the adherence to some straightforward tips.


  • Keep track of your weight on a regular basis to check for any discrepancies.
  • Undertake a glucose screening test to check for signs of diabetes.


  • Avoid skipping exercises altogether but tone them down to not be as stressful.
  • Don’t give in to the craving for fried foods or canned products.

What You Need To Shop For

Since your babies would be a part of the home pretty soon, you can shop for some essential items keeping in mind the safety of your babies:

  • Protection covers for plugs and sockets.
  • Baby barriers for any stairs or unsafe areas.
  • Heaters or coolers if the due date is in an extreme season.

The 25th week of twin pregnancy might signal the end of a happy period of the entire journey. However, there are still numerous happy moments that will present themselves to you in the final trimester and keep you engaged and proud to be a mother of your children.