Ways to Celebrate Your First Valentine’s Day as Parents

Congratulations on becoming parents! We’re sure your bundle of joy is indeed giving you all the happiness in the world. Despite it all, however, there’s a chance that you and your partner have gotten too involved in your baby’s well-being and stopped spending quality time with each other, both inside and outside the bedroom. It can be tough with the baby around (and also your entire family!), but with a little extra effort, you can find some ways to spend quality time together too.


Ways to Celebrate Your First V-day as New Parents

It’s important for every couple to sometimes detatch from everyone else and be only with each other to re-connect. This is especially so, because a happy couple raises a happy baby! If you’re thinking of how you can celebrate the day of love without doing something extravagant or impossible owing to your baby, we’ve got tips for Valentine’s Day for parents with babies.


1. Don’t follow the norm.

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of extravagant plans and grand gestures. Well, that might work for some, but the story is entirely different for married couples with a young baby. You don’t have to go with the norm to spend some quality time with your partner – make your own rules! To celebrate V-day with your married partner post baby, you can go the easier route that is meaningful nonetheless – order in some of your partner’s favourite food, and give them a break from cooking; clean up the room while your partner takes care of the baby; make their bed for them and decorate it with a cute bouquet and card expressing your love and appreciation for them. After all, it’s all how you show your love.

dont follow the norm

2. Re-invent romance.

Think about it – even romance doesn’t stand a chance on V-day if it isn’t done ‘the right way’! The rules are different for married couples, and that is a-ok. Romance doesn’t have to mean buying huge presents and professing your undying love in public. It can be something as small as a meaningful letter describing when you fell in love with your partner, or convincing them to take an hour-long walk with you in the evening. Don’t fall for the extravagance just because it’s too hard to ignore – do what matters to your partner and you. Romance is subjective.

3. Flirt away virtually.

Praise technology for what it has done for all of us! If you and your partner can’t head out for V-day or leave the baby with someone responsible for a few hours, channel your energy into text messages – there’s no restriction to what you can tell your partner on text! Let the romance live virtually – you can always scroll up later and re-live it!

flirt away virtually

4. It’s all in the gifts.

As new parents, your idea of getting a great gift might be different from the mushy, loved-up couples out there. Try to gauge what your partner needs at this time, with the baby in the picture – instead of a huge teddy bear or a ring, get them a gift voucher to a spa or set up a surprise meeting with their friends on a weekend. Offer to take care of the baby while they take some time out to groom themselves or make themselves happy – that’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give your partner when you’ve just had a baby.

5. Involve the baby.

If it’s the day of love, why not involve your little munchkin to truly celebrate it? Plan a cute day out with your baby and your partner – to the zoo, a small picnic in the park, or an arcade where your baby can crawl or walk in a safe zone. Spend these precious moments with the ones who define love to you.

involve the baby

6. Make unapologetic plans to go out.

A lot of us live with our families, and we may have different ideas and beliefs, especially in the romance department. You may want to do something special with your partner but you’re probably finding it tough to express that to the elders of the house who don’t see V-day as something special – but hey, you’re married, you’ve recently had a baby, and you deserve some time off regardless of whether it’s a romantic day or not. Express to your family that you need to go out to feel more connected with yourself and your partner, because a baby can make you forget that sometimes. We’re sure that your family will understand, and even offer to take care of your baby while you’re out!

Love is in the air, but for new parents, so are responsibilities. Still, this V-day can be a great reason for you to get out and re-connect as a couple, so don’t let the chance go! Have fun and remind yourself of your beautiful marriage while with the one you love.