Priceless Gifts New Moms Will Cherish This Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s week rolls around, most husbands start scouring the marketplace for bouquets of beautiful roses or sparkling diamonds or whatever else they think will bring a smile to their wives’ face – classic V-Day gifts, in short. But, if you’ve very recently become a mom, we bet there are a few things you’ll hold closer to your heart than any flower or diamond! If you find any in the below list that catch your fancy, maybe you could start dropping hints for hubby dearest – and consequently, your other family members too!


1. Uninterrupted Sleep

Catching 40 winks seems almost like wishful thinking, now that your little one keeps you awake with his needs! In fact, sleep is on a different tangent altogether; you’re probably craving a 30-minute-long power nap just so you can recharge yourself and not look like someone who hasn’t seen a bed in years!


2. A Hot Meal

You made a cup of tea for yourself, heard your baby crying, tended to his needs, did the laundry too (since you saw the dirty clothes and figured you might as well chuck them in the washing machine then and there), and then came back to your tea – only to see it has gone ice-cold. When was the last time you had a hot meal to relish and savour for at least 10 minutes, you wonder. It does seem like a long time since, doesn’t it? Maybe a cup of hot chai or a plate of Khaleeji Biryani Dish would make for a romantic gift instead of a box of expensive chocolates…right?

A hot meal

3. Just a Little TV or Reading Time

It was probably during your pregnancy days that you last got to binge-watch your favourite shows and actually be aware of the things happening on TV. Sure, your little one provides you with all the entertainment you could have wished for; but do you still wonder what happened on the last episode of that show you were watching before you went into labour? Or wonder where that book you were reading during your pregnancy has disappeared off to? Just half an hour of delving into someone else’s life every day sounds like a fun idea, doesn’t it?

4. A Warm Bath

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase and so is the post-delivery period. But the aches and pains that accompany you all throughout these periods? Not so much beautiful as they are inconvenient! Add the fact that you’re constantly getting spit-up, pooped, or peed on and you’re left with one wish – get under a shower and STAY under that shower! Your bath time has probably come down to a record time of 5 minutes and under because you need to check on your baby and see if he’s okay in your absence. But like every new mom, there will be times you’d be left wishing for a warm bath or shower with products that smell like a dream, wiping off every stain and sign of stress!

Taking a warm bath

5. A Clean House

Whether it gets cleaned by your own hands or by someone else, you don’t really care! You probably just wish to collapse on your sofa without landing on your baby’s towel or rattle, or manoeuvre through your house without tripping on his toys strewn about! You may probably even be looking at your bedsheets and sofa covers, reminiscing about the times when they were stain-free and didn’t smell like high-power detergent. There, there, mommy – we understand how you feel!

6. Some Pampering

When you were pregnant, it seemed like everyone was waiting on you hand and foot, ready to grant your every wish. Now, you seem to be your baby’s genie – and no one seems to be yours! Your husband, of course, will be trying his best to make things easier for you, but sometimes, you probably just want to sit down and cuddle with him (a relaxing massage would be a bonus!). All in all, wouldn’t you adore someone spoiling you, even if it is for a short while? Actually, that diamond ring or bouquet of roses may just do the trick too!

Husband massaging wife's shoulders

7. A Day Off from the ‘Icky’ Duties

There’s nothing a mom won’t do for her baby, of course. But once in a while, the countless diapers and multiple spit-ups do get to be a bit too much, right? We’re sure you’d love a day with your munchkin in all his adorable teddy-bear-like, zero-mess glory (like how his dad gets to have him, most of the time!). A day off from ‘clean-up’ duties (including diaper changes), would be fabulous, wouldn’t it?

Well, mommies, you’re not wrong in wishing for these gifts at all. When you become a parent, your world condenses and becomes small enough to fit your little one in, but there’s really no room for your needs. But it shouldn’t always be that way – you created your little miracle, so you need some off-days and me-time too. You may not be prepared to part with your baby for a really long time, so to go off and spend a day out in the city may not sound very appealing to you. So instead, this V-Day, you could ask hubby dearest to handle the baby for a short period of time, while you catch up on some well-deserved sleep, a long shower, or just some time to sit down and do nothing at all! Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s Day plan, doesn’t it?