Toys for a 1-month-old Baby

Toys for 1 month old

Though it may seem like all your baby likes to do is drink milk, sleep, poop, pee and repeat, he is actually observing his surroundings and learning more about the world around him.


Keeping their developing senses stimulated helps babies develop better skills, so it is important to give them that opportunity. It is quite important for your baby to have the right materials and experiences at the right age in order to gain the most development during playtime. Here are some baby toys for 1-month-olds that you can consider:


Hand-held Toys

While he may not be able to hold the toy himself, having you hold it close to him gives him the chance to observe it.

Hand-Held Toys

How do they help?

Your baby is nearsighted right now and cannot really see things that are far away. He can only see things that are maybe 12 to 15 inches away from his face. Not only that, he won’t be able to do much and will appreciate something interesting to look at, especially if what he’s looking at has a face.

Recommended Toys

  • Rattles
  • Stuffed toys
  • Dolls with different textures and embroidered faces

Musical Toys

Using musical toys is one of the best ways to soothe your infant, as babies love music. It is very helpful for calming your baby down whenever needed.

Musical toys

How do they help?

Music is something that is soothing for both adults and children as it can be very therapeutic. Not only does your baby enjoy a bit of good music, but it helps him relax as well. You can also play soft music on your phone or on the radio and see how he enjoys it!

Recommended Toys

  • Baby Mobiles
  • Wind chimes


Also known as pacifiers, soothers are common toys that babies can use to help calm themselves down or just to keep themselves busy, as some babies have strong sucking tendencies.


How do they help?

Soothers are great for babies who are teething, and for those who depend on nursing for comfort a bit too much. They are far better than allowing your baby to suck on an empty bottle, and some mothers say the habit is easier to break than if your child develops the habit of sucking on his thumb.

Recommended Toys

  • Bracelet binkies
  • Orthodontic or flat pacifiers
  • Cherry Pacifier or soother
  • Soother toy clips

Infant Play Gym

These are often padded quilted mats with an arc fitted with fun attachments and toys for your baby to observe and play with.

Infant play gym

How do they help?

Your baby may accidentally stumble upon an action that he may want to repeat, such as batting at a toy and seeing the result, teaching him the very basics of cause and effect. He also gains visual benefits from these toys as they are quite colourful. Your baby can have safe ‘tummy time’ on these play gym mats under your watchful eye as he grows older.

Recommended Toys

  • Basic playmat
  • Play gym with overhead arches and hanging toys
  • Play gym with lights and music

Portable Toys

Portable toys are great as you can carry them around with you much more easily; so if you have to go somewhere with your baby, you have something to keep him engaged.

Soft toys for babies

How do they help?

They are great for stimulating your baby’s various senses, whether visual, auditory, tactile and so on.

Recommended Toys

  • Rattle-teether toys
  • Squeaky toys
  • Stuffed animals

Sensory Toys

Toys that react when your baby touches them will help them develop their senses as they will begin to understand that an action of theirs resulting in something happening.

Squeaky toys for babies

How do they help?

Some toys light up in bright colours and some play music; others simply move around when your baby touches it. Still others give your baby a chance to explore different textures, giving your child the opportunity to understand that his own hand can be responsible for making something happen.

Recommended Toys

  • Baby rattle bracelets
  • Squeaky toys
  • Toys with different textures
  • Balls

What Do Age Recommendation Labels on Toys Mean?

The age recommendations are there to help parents, and others buying gifts for babies, pick the right gift for the baby’s age. These are based on the following guidelines:

  • Safety
  • Development of the child
  • How children of the age group have been observed to play with toys
  • What parents have to say regarding the age-appropriateness of the toys

Safety Tips for Babies

Toys that are given to babies must be safe for their age to avoid any accidents such as choking or injuries. Here are things to keep in mind with regards to their safety:

  • Follow the age recommendations on the packaging as some toys will have small parts that can easily choke your infant.
  • Avoid small toys in general.
  • Make sure the toys are not easily breakable.
  • Avoid toys with strings or long parts that your baby can accidentally swallow.

How to Choose the Best Toys for Your One-month-old Baby?

Shopping for toys for your baby can sometimes be a bit difficult as there are a lot of things to keep in mind. You need to consider the following while shopping for toys for your little one:

  • Stuffed toys should be washable.
  • Any toys with paint should have lead-free paint.
  • Toys that are made from cloth or fabrics should be flame resistant.
  • Toys should not be too loud and damage a child’s hearing.
  • Toys should be in bright colours to stimulate their senses.

One-month-old baby toys

There are umpteen things that can be done by you to help with your baby’s physical and mental development, so do not lose out on the opportunity for some early learning. Remember that at this age, babies do not yet understand the concept of gender, nor are they able to play very complicated games. This makes worrying about specific toys for 1-month-old baby boys or toys for 1-month-old baby girls unnecessary as both boys and girls will need toys with the same functions. Just make sure that you engage in play with them so that they will learn how to play and interact!