Newborn Vaginal Bleeding – Do You Need to Worry?

Mother with her newborn baby

When you breastfeed your newborn baby girl, you may notice a red or pink discharge in her diapers. These are your reproductive hormones that have been passed on to her, which her body is getting rid of on its own through pseudomenstruation. It is very common in newborn baby girls and passes with time.


Is Bleeding from Vagina in Newborn Babies Normal?

As a parent, we often tend to worry about kids’ health and when you come across vaginal discharge in your newborn baby girl, obviously you will think something is wrong with her health. But, you need not freak out. Vaginal bleeding is in newborn baby girls is normal. Newborn baby girls menstruation generally takes place during the first two or three days after the birth. You need not worry, this is just a sign of reproductive hormonal withdrawal from her body after exiting the womb.


What Causes Vaginal Bleeding in Babies?

There are certain causes of vaginal bleeding in babies which are as follows:

  • A nappy rash that can cause a tear in the skin.
  • Inserting foreign objects in her genitals can lead to bleeding.
  • Poor hygiene in the surroundings, as it can lead to bacterial growth and cause bleeding.
    Mother changing the diaper of her baby

How to Take Care of Your Baby?

There is no need to be alarmed when you notice vaginal bleeding in your baby. Simply clean the genital areas by spreading the labia and gently wiping the creases. Make sure to use lukewarm water and work your way from front to back to avoid vaginal infections from the stool.

When Do You need to Worry?

Although vaginal bleeding in newborn baby girls is common, there are certain cases when you should not waste time in consulting a doctor. If this short ‘newborn baby period’ doesn’t go away after a few days or if you notice a foul odour coming from her vagina, consult a paediatrician or take your little one to the concerned clinic or hospital.

Newborn vaginal bleeding is a normal phase that is observed in many newborn girls. But, fret not, your little girl won’t be having her next menstrual cycle before a decade or so, which means, for now, it’s her first and last period.