Digital Pregnancy Test – Results and Accuracy

Digital Pregnancy Test - Results and Accuracy

As everything in this age is going digital, it should not come as a surprise to come across an electronic pregnancy test kit in the market. We are usually aware of the simple kits that show a blue line or two lines confirming the pregnancy, but not many are aware of digital pregnancy test and how it works. A digital display clearly indicates the presence or absence of pregnancy and has low chances of false results, and clearly is a better alternative.


How Do Digital Pregnancy Tests Work?

The principle on which the digital pregnancy test kits work is the same as that of any other pregnancy kit available in the drug store.


For the kit to provide the right result, a strong sign of pregnancy needs to be present. The fertilization of the egg in the woman needs to successfully take place by the sperm, which gives rise to multiple zygotes working together to form a healthy embryo. Travelling down the tubes, the embryo attaches the uterus and causes implantation bleeding, which is generally one of the initial signs of the presence of a pregnancy. But this cannot be detected by the kit. It is only when the placenta forms that the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) is secreted. This is precisely what is detected by the pregnancy kits.

The hCG can be detected in the urine and makes its presence there only when the secretion reaches a certain threshold. The pregnancy sticks contain specific chemicals that react to the presence of hCG. Simple sticks normally show a blue line but the digital pregnancy sticks display clear information.

Digital Pregnancy Test Results

Just like other pregnancy sticks, the result time of a digital pregnancy stick also has a limited lifetime. The test results cannot stay present forever. Every stick has a specific symbol to depict the result of the test, and that is shown only for some time. Other sticks up showing text or animated icons, too.

1. Positive Result

If you conduct the test in an appropriate manner and you are, in fact, pregnant, then the digital pregnancy stick will show you a sign to indicate the presence of a pregnancy.

Most sticks end up showing an arithmetic plus sign to indicate a positive result of the test, meaning that you are pregnant. Fewer advanced sticks may choose to display the word “pregnant” or even show animated icons to make the message clear. Most of the times, these messages are present on the screen only for a minute or so, before disappearing completely.

A woman showing her positive pregnancy result

2. Negative Result

Thankfully, the digital pregnancy sticks are much clearer at indicating an absence of pregnancy or a negative result, as compared to the usual pregnancy sticks.

In a normal stick, if your urine does not contain the hCG hormone in the required quantity, the stick does not display any line or change in any way. However, a digital pregnancy stick will clearly state a negative result on the screen. This can either be in the form of an arithmetic negative sign, or the word “none” or similar methods.

An improved messaging of such sorts makes it crystal clear about the result and provides a better result than normal sticks.

How Accurate Are Digital Pregnancy Tests?

On a generic level, digital pregnancy tests are comparatively more accurate than the other pregnancy sticks. However, their accuracy can differ based on the brand of the stick that is being used.

Certain sticks are powerful enough to detect the presence of a pregnancy within six days from the date you have missed your period. Most of the common sticks do require a week or more to pass from your period to be able to detect good levels of hCG in your urine. The threshold of hCG that most digital pregnancy sticks function at is approximately around 25mlU per millilitre of urine. The moment the amount of hCG crosses this value, the stick displays the result to be positive.

Can Digital Pregnancy Tests Show False Results?

The chances of a digital pregnancy stick showing false results are minimal as compared to the usual pregnancy sticks since there is no possibility of a faint line visibility or late development of a line in these cases.

Most of the false results are a result of human error. The stick might have experienced external substances that have caused it to provide a wrong result, or you might have taken the test quite early where the hCG levels might still be below the threshold.

Can a Digital Pregnancy Test Give False Positive Result?

A false positive result is quite the rarity when it comes to using a digital pregnancy kit for the test. Handling the pregnancy stick improperly could trigger it to show a false positive on the display.

In certain cases, the chemicals present on the stick could react to any organisms present in the urine, as a result of an infection or a disease. The presence of fertility drugs could also introduce certain substances in the urine, which could react with the stick and provide a false positive result.

Are Digital Pregnancy Tests More Sensitive?

Most women wonder whether digital pregnancy tests are more accurate or sensitive as compared to their counterparts. While the increment in accuracy might not be present to a huge degree, there are different sticks available in the market that can detect the presence of hCG at lower thresholds as well.

Checking whether you are pregnant and confirming it is one of the toughest things for a woman when she’s trying hard to conceive successfully. Using a digital pregnancy test for a second confirmation can help you put your mind to ease and make the right decision.