Baby Gear Essentials Checklist

Your doubts and nervousness about being pregnant all get confirmed as soon as you see the two lines on that pregnancy stick, and you know that your life will never be the same. You have your moments of fun, nervousness, struggles, and self-doubt during pregnancy but those nine months morph you into a ‘super-woman’. While you get used to the bouts of morning sickness, nausea, and pain, as well as to the ‘idea of being a mother’, you simultaneously prepare for your baby’s arrival too. Slowly and gradually, you collect essential things for your baby, thinking that there will be no time for it once the baby comes.


Now that your baby has finally arrived, you are satisfied that he has everything he needs; there are packets of diapers, 2-3 feeding bottles, formula, sterilisers, clothes, etc. But as you gradually settle into your new routine that involves taking care of your little munchkin – almost all the time, and feel proud that you have got everything covered, you realise that there are a few things your baby might need that didn’t cross your mind. Yes, you have bought everything that your mom suggested, but babies of this generation have access to little more, and that little more is ‘baby gear’. Baby gear includes a few niceties that your baby will need as he grows.


Baby Gear Essentials – What Your Baby Needs

It can be a daunting task for a parent to buy baby gear as it was not common back then when you were a baby. But don’t you worry, with this baby gear essentials checklist, we are sure that you will have a pleasant shopping experience.

1. Baby Strollers & Prams

Taking a stroll with your baby in the nearest park will not be taxing if you have a stroller or pram. A good-quality pram can make evening walks with your baby very enjoyable, and your baby will look forward to many more such outings in the park while he sits like a king in the pram. A wide base, strong straps, and a safety harness that keep the baby seated securely are the basic requirements of a pram. If you are going stroller shopping, do check if the wheels of the pram move smoothly and if the front and rear brakes work well or not. Furthermore, if you find a stroller with a storage basket for baby’s essentials and a back pocket to keep your valuables, then do not hesitate in investing in it.

A baby stroller


2. Baby Carriers

A good baby carrier can make babywearing extremely easy and simplify the life of a new mother. Using a baby carrier can help you get a lot of things done while keeping your baby in close contact. Most parents opt for a front baby carrier, as it keeps the baby in constant touch with the parent and helps strengthen the parent-baby bond.

If you don’t have a baby carrier already and are planning to buy one soon, here is what you need to keep in mind. Check for the fabric of the carrier; your baby should like it else he might fuss everytime he is put into it. Choose a soft, breathable fabric. Also, check if the buckles and straps are sturdy enough to secure your baby in place. A high-quality baby carrier should provide good head support and have a comfortable arm and leg opening. A baby carrier that offers different carrying positions is becoming a popular choice among parents; a baby can be seated inward, outward, in the cradle position, etc. So, go ahead and buy the best baby carrier with the latest features.

A woman tests a baby carrier


3. Baby Car Seats

The thought of carrying your baby in your car for an hour and listening to his relentless cries as he gets restless can make you glum, and you decide that you will go out next week, which never comes. But if you invest in a good baby car seat, you won’t have to postpone your trips.

When buying an infant car seat, look for a seat that has soft padding, as it makes the baby comfortable when on a long ride. A seat with a 3 or 5 point safety harness and front-adjustment harness helps you get your baby in and out quickly. If you like, you can choose a car seat specially designed for newborns and infants, or go for the one that can be used by infants, and later converted to suit the requirements of an older baby. Also, you must check if the seat fits in your car or not. After all, you don’t want the car seat crowding your storeroom.

Red baby car seat


4. Baby Walkers

Baby walkers have been in existence for a long time. Even you must have taken your very first wobbly steps in a walker and have had a gala time in this simple toy, which was new back then. Now, if you look for a baby walker, you will come across a plethora of options, each offering a unique feature that will leave you puzzled. But buying a baby walker ain’t that hard. Buy a walker with a strong and sturdy frame and a padded cushion seat; a walker with these features is of high quality and durable. Additionally, these walkers also have a musical toy tray, food tray, and built-in-activity toys, which aim at keeping the baby engaged for long. So, if you find a walker qualifying the features as mentioned above, buy it soon.

A blue baby walker


5. Bouncers, Rockers & Swings

A rocker or swing soothes a baby like nothing else. A baby bouncer with its soothing music and vibration can help calm a baby. Its gentle rocking movements also make a baby fall asleep in no time. If your baby cries at the wee hours of the night for no apparent reason and you have tried everything possible to make him sleep without much success, then you should definitely buy a bouncer or swing for sure. You never know, it may work!

A baby bouncer


6. Carrycots

A carrycot will come in handy if you want to carry your baby to short distances. It serves various functions, and if you recently had a baby, it is a must-have. Carrycots come in portable design and can be adjusted as per the baby’s requirements, i.e., for feeding, rocking, or simply for carrying. When searching for the perfect carrycot for your baby, keep in mind that the seat of the chair should be soft, comfortable, & provide good back support to the baby. Look through your options carefully and then decide. You know that your baby is going to have a great time sitting in it, so make a wise decision.

These are some must-haves baby gear for your baby. You may not have had the privilege of these baby gear essentials in your childhood, but why deprive your child? These baby gear essentials will make your journey of parenthood a lot easier, and when your baby grows up and looks at these items in old photographs, he will surely thank you for all the love you showered upon him. We are sure you too will have many stories and memories to share with him! So, don’t think twice before investing in these gear essentials, after all, they will make your baby happy and more comfortable.

A carrycot