Newborn Baby Care Tips in Summer

A mother holding her baby while standing in a purple lupine field
  1. Summers are never easy for anyone, especially with the current soaring temperatures across the world. Your baby is no different, and as a new parent you are bound to be frantic and wondering how you go about keeping baby cool during the summer. Most parents have questions like- What do you feed them or how much do you bathe them? Yes, your grandmother may have some very solid home remedies for rashes, or you may be receiving other advice from various people on how to care for a newborn baby during the summer months. We’re here to help you make your way through this advice and give your little angel the care they require based on a professional input.

How Frequently should you Bathe your Newborn in the Summer?

This depends entirely on your baby and their preferences. The only thing to keep in mind here is that the water should not be cold. Neither should it be hot, ensure it is just a little warm or maybe even room temperature for a newborn baby in summer by dipping your elbow into the water. This is ideal for your baby to cool down and a couple of times a day will not make them fall sick.


Can you Use Oil for a Baby Massage?

Baby oil massages are vital for your little one’s skin and will keep their skin hydrated and cool during summer. Ensure it is an oil that suits their skin and it is washed off well. Make a note of the fact that oil can clog pores and won’t have them breathing light if kept on the baby too long. Bay oil massages stimulate the baby’s joints circulation through the body. Your little one will have a smile on their face thanks to this baby skin care in summer regime. They will take a nice, deep soothing nap that will give mommy and baby a chance to relax in the sweltering heat.


Can you Use Talcum Powder on your Baby’s Skin during Summer?

The vote on this is divided when you ask mothers as a lot of people believe it can be bad for the baby and not have any cooling effects. In reality, a lot of paediatricians state talcum powder can have a cooling effect on your baby and prevent rashes caused by sweat and the friction of your little one’s body against their bedding. As a new mother, you don’t have to ponder the question- how to care for newborn baby in summer. Drop the powder into your hand and gently rub it all over you’re newborn. This is to ensure they don’t breathe the powder and you do not spread excess to clog their pores.

Essential Summer Baby Care Tips

Parents taking their newborn baby for a walk in nature

Relax and take your time adjusting to the heat. Your baby and you will find your rhythm, and you’ll enjoy the summer in peace very soon. Here are a few tips on keeping baby cool in summer.

1. Baby’s Diet

If your baby is still breastfeeding, then ensure to feed them often to keep them hydrated. If they no longer are, then they are no longer under the protection of mommy’s antibodies and need to build up their immunity. Consult your doctor on what to give them. Let them suck on fruit to cool down when it comes to food for one year baby in summer. If they have just started solids, then a couple of feeds accompanied by boiled food is ideal. Keep powdered milk on hand as the regular stuff goes bad quickly in the heat.

2. Hygienic Water

As mentioned above, at 6 months and below your little one’s immunity is low and you need to protect them. All water must be boiled and thoroughly hygienic to prevent any diseases. Keeping baby cool in summer must not compromise their health. If its bottled water, then double-check the seal and keep watch for signs of dehydration.

3. Heat Rashes

Heat rashes are quite common amongst babies in the summer. Experts recommend putting two spoons of sandalwood powder in their bath water and apply talcum powder in the manner described to keep your little one cool. Switch diapers and loose clothes if they are uncomfortable.

4. Dehydration

Dehydration can sneak up on your baby and your kids without anyone knowing. All their energy can mislead you, and you’ll never know. Monitor your baby’s urine output and for any other signs of dehydration like fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, unable to drink water, no wet diaper for more than six hours, excessive drowsiness or fussiness, dry lips and mouth, no tears when crying and dizziness.

5. Away from Mosquitoes Or Bugs

Bugs swarm around your delicate baby just as much as everyone else during the summer, but they need added protection. Use bug spray but ensure it is organic and your little one is not allergic or open to harm in any way. Use air conditioning or air coolers that are regularly cleaned to keep away mosquitos. A temperature of 25°C is ideal.

6. Choosing the Right Clothes

Loose clothes ensure your little one can breathe and their skin is not suffocated. This will avoid heat rashes and have them feeling cool. While it is the norm to cover your baby’s head with a cap in some countries, this is best avoided unless it is very hot and sunny outside. Dry their head with a damp towel if they overheat and not a dry cloth.

7. Protection from Common Illness

Your baby relies on its mother’s immunity while it is being breastfed until 6 months. Once this ends, they are unprotected and left to fend for themselves. You can help them out till their immune system grows strong enough. Ensure their diet supports a healthy protection system and they are well-hydrated. Do not let them sweat too much or leave them damp for too long. Switch in immunity-boosting food supplements recommended by your doctor as well.

8. Protection from Sunburn

A baby’s skin is incredibly delicate and subject to easy burning. When you are going out, ensure to put a little baby-friendly sunscreen on them to keep those harmful rays away. Your little one will thank you for it later. A little cap is also ideal for very hot and sunny days.

9. Room Temperature

A lot of parents are paranoid about the temperature and their baby’s susceptibility to cold and illness. Being careful with your baby goes without saying, but remember they are not as delicate as they seem. A little bit of air-conditioning never hurt anyone and a temperature of 25°C is ideal. If you are using an air cooler, ensure it is clean. A baby’s damp head must not be exposed to the AC and should be dried with a damp cloth or wet wipe.

10. Consult Doctor If Necessary

If your baby is displaying symptoms of dehydration or has a stubborn rash that does not disappear with other methods such as over-the-top treatments, consider consulting a doctor. If they seem to be really struggling with the heat and in a lot of distress, it could be another issue altogether and require medical intervention.

As is the case with every step of your baby’s development, their first summer is going to be difficult but wonderful for you. Make a note of what your little one needs, and they’ll be sure to let you know, don’t you worry! Feed them a variety of organic fruits and vegetables, don’t skimp on the juices and let loose the summer wardrobe. Also, never hesitate to consult a doctor if you feel something is not right with your baby. Your role as a parent has expanded to include a fresh responsibility that can be quite enjoyable!