8 Effective Fertility Foods for Men

8 Effective Fertility Foods For Men

Diet not only plays a significant role in pregnancy but also when you are trying to conceive. Improper and irregular diet habits along with other factors are some of the major causes of infertility in men in the present times. What you eat has a direct impact on the quality and quantity of your sperm. One-third of fertility problems are faced by men. Consuming well-balanced diet peps up your chances of conception by increasing your fertility. Here’s all that you need to know about fertility food for men and how you may effectively include it in your diet!


Which Nutrients Boost Fertility?

Once you and your partner are ready to conceive, it is essential that you not only make positive lifestyle changes but also include food items which are rich in essential nutrients to boost up your fertility. Some vitamins and minerals may spike up your fertility. Following are some of the vital nutrients that you may add to your diet:


Important Nutrients to boost fertility

1. Fuel Up on Vitamin D

It has been scientifically proven that Vitamin D may increase sperm motility. Therefore, men who have Vitamin D deficiency have lower sperm motility in comparison to men who have adequate amounts of this vitamin in their bodies. Sunlight is an excellent source of Vitamin D, but it is also present in red meat, oily fish, egg yolks and other fortified foods which are loaded with this vitamin. You may include any of the sources as mentioned earlier of vitamin D in your diet.

2. Include Selenium in your Diet

For healthy sperm, selenium plays a vital role. It is believed that including selenium in your diet may improve the quality of the sperm thus helping in infertility problems. There is a scientific study that states, taking selenium in combination with Vitamin E promotes not only sperm motility (movement) but also its morphology (shape). Selenium can be found in eggs, meat, fish and Brazilian nuts.

3. Adding Zinc to Your Diet

A zinc-rich diet is effective for conception. Adding zinc to your diet will increase the sperm count in each ejaculation and thus increase chances of conception. It is also helpful in enhancing the movement of the sperms. You can get adequate amounts of zinc from food items such as shellfish, meat and dairy products.

4. Get Enough Folic Acid

In the dearth of folic acid in the body, the body may not be able to produce healthy sperms. Therefore, to enhance the quality of your sperms, you may include food items that are rich in folic acid such as, orange juice, leafy vegetables, legumes etc. You may also take folic acid supplements after consulting your doctor.

5. Follow a Diet Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is beneficial in eliminating sperm defects. Apart from that, it is outstanding in increasing the motility of the sperms. A glass of orange juice (8-ounce glass will provide 124 milligrams of Vitamin C) a day is a good way of including Vitamin C in your diet.

The nutrients as mentioned above may enhance fertility in men; however, there is limited scientific evidence to prove the same. But a good diet and healthy lifestyle changes will surely help you in conception, along with certain sex positions that increase chances of conception.

Best Foods to Increase Male Fertility

There are certain food items that you may add to your daily diet plan to increase your fertility. Following are some foods to boost male fertility:

1. Add Walnuts to Your Diet

Walnuts are very good in enhancing sperm motility, morphology and vitality. These nuts are also rich in omega three fatty acids. You may consume approximately 75 grams of walnuts every day. Though these nuts can be had separately as a mid-morning or post-lunch snack, you can add them to your salads, desserts and other food items also.


2. Include tomatoes in Your Diet

Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene which has great benefits in improving male fertility. This antioxidant present in tomatoes is effective in improving sperm motility, structure and activity. Lycopene is found more in processed or cooked tomatoes. Therefore, you may add tomatoes in your curries and gravies.


3. Eat Blueberries

Blueberries are rich in anti-oxidants, quercetin and resveratrol. These anti-inflammatory antioxidants have been found to be beneficial for good sperm health (motility, quantity and quality). You may add a handful of blueberries to your daily diet. You can eat them as a snack, make shakes from it or add it to your desserts.


4. Eat Lentils

Lentils are perfect for improving fertility in both men and women. Lentils are a rich source of natural folic acid or folate. Vegetarian men can get ample amounts of folate from lentils. Including adequate amounts of lentils in your diet reduces the chance of having chromosomal abnormalities in your sperms.


5. Add Pomegranate in Your Diet

Various scientific researchers have shown the benefits of pomegranates in improving the overall sperm health. High amounts of antioxidants present in pomegranates surge the testosterone levels in the body, enhance the sex drive in both the sexes and also help in improving the quality of sperm.


6. Add Pumpkin Seeds to Your Diet

For pepping up your testosterone and sperm production, pumpkin seeds play a vital role. Pumpkin seeds are rich in folic acid and thus effective in boosting male fertility. Sprinkle these seeds over salads, shakes or any other food item.

Pumpkin seeds

7. Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the best male fertility foods to increase sperm motility. It not only helps in improving the sperm count but also its motility. There are various types of dark chocolates available, darker the chocolate, better it is.

dark chocolate

8. Drink Adequate Amounts of Water

Drinking water is not only important for a healthy body, but it also helps in maintaining good sperm health. Not having enough water can hamper the sperm production as semen majorly comprise of water.
drink adequate amounts of water

Which Foods to Avoid

We discussed vital food items that should be included in male fertility diet. However, certain food items should be avoided, as consumption of these food items can hamper with the male fertility. Some food items that you need to avoid are as follows:

1. Aerated or Carbonated Drinks and Alcohol

Various scientific studies have shown that consuming high amounts of carbonated beverages and alcohol can affect the sperm production. Consuming high amounts of alcohol may lead to the abnormal production of sperm. Also, the diet variety of carbonated drinks contains aspartame, which is known to affect the sperm count and quality. Therefore, it is essential to keep the consumption of these kinds of drinks under check.

2. Junk Food

Junk food not only adds kilos and inches to your body but it also hampers with your fertility. Consuming fatty, starchy and fried food can take a toll on the male fertility. Have such food items sparingly when you are planning to have a baby.

3. Fish with High Mercury Content

The high mercury content in swordfish, tilefish, tuna and other fish may lead to infertility issues in both men and women. Do not consume such kinds of fish when you are trying to conceive. You may include fish like salmon and shellfish as these are rich in omega three fatty acids and zinc.

4. Smoking

Smoking is terrible for your sperm health. Smoking leads to a reduction in sperm count, and thus it may cause infertility problems in men.

Diet is an integral part of a healthy body. Therefore, if you are planning to have a baby, it is vital that you pay heed to what you eat. A well-balanced diet will ensure good sperm health and thus will improve your chances of conception. It is recommended to get in touch with your doctor if you plan to make major dietary changes. Your doctor will help you make an informed decision about your diet and other aspects related to conception.