7 Acts of Self-love Everyone Should Try This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those days when we go all out in expressing our love for the people around us. More often than not, it is usually for our spouses, but some people do shower their love and affection on people who have touched their lives in some way or the other! But do you know whom you tend to forget all the time when it comes to showing love and concern? Well, the title of the article technically does give it away, but yes, yourself! You’re as deserving and worthy of love as anyone else, and here’s how you can show yourself that love this V-Day.


1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You don’t find it pleasant when someone compares you to someone they think is doing better than you, do you? It’s a way of saying that you aren’t enough, and that’s not fair to you! As much as you get irritated with others doing this with you, though, you fail to stop yourself when you do the same i.e comparing yourself with people more successful/happier than you. But in doing so, you’re actually invalidating your own efforts, your capabilities, and everything you’re appreciated for by others. That’s neither fair to you nor to the people who believe that you can reach for the stars if you try! Do yourself a favour and affirm yourself of what you’re capable of.


2. Make a List of Your Best Qualities

We’re often so caught up in finding faults in ourselves that we forget that we have good in us too. In fact, there may be a lot of simple qualities in you that you consider insignificant, but makes the people around you fall in love with you just a little bit more! Maybe you compliment something someone does, maybe you can find good in everyone you meet, or maybe you remember everyone’s birthdays – yes, these are little things but they can hold great significance for a lot of people! Give yourself some credit and write down that list!

Write a list of your best qualities

3.Treat Yourself to Good Health

If you’re a busy person who’s always looking out for others and doing things for them, chances are, your health is anything but your first priority. But remember, to be able to do things for others, you need to be mentally and physically fit yourself. If your New Year resolutions for fitness haven’t really panned out well, this is the occasion for you to focus on your fitness goals again. Good food, lots of exercise, and plenty of activities benefiting your mental health should be on your list this V-Day!

4. Do Something You Enjoy

Especially when you become parents, everything takes a backseat – your old hobbies and interests, your passions, your weekly reading list, catching up on your favourite shows, everything! But some me-time is always important to rejuvenate and recharge your batteries. It also helps you focus on the different tasks at hand without feeling wistful about things you’re missing out on. This V-Day, spend at least half an hour indulging in an old hobby or some alone time with your cup of Tea. Pamper yourself with a face-mask or a massage if you can! You deserve it for all that you do for others!

Pampering yourself is important

5. Buy Yourself a Treat

You don’t have to depend on your better half to spoil you with roses or a box of chocolates this V-Day – buy them for yourself, as a gift from you, to YOU! There’s no rule written in stone that you can’t cheer yourself up or feel happy by going shopping for treats for yourself. You don’t have to go all out; keep it simple but ensure that you’re feeling quite loved. If there’s a big smile on your face when you’re buying that gift for yourself, you know you’re doing the right thing!

6. Write a Love Letter to Yourself

If material gifts don’t bring you much joy anyway, write a love letter to yourself (you can make it a whole lot interesting addressing it to your future self too!). Write about everything good about yourself, the things you’re proud of, how your baby is bringing you much joy, how you feel you would be a couple of years down the line, and so on. Save this letter and keep it as a reminder of the times and things you appreciated yourself for. And if you chance upon this letter years later, future-you is going to love and thank you for it too!

Love letter to yourself

7. Forgive Yourself

Everyone makes mistakes. A lot of people have the courtesy to apologise and make amends for their errors while others simply refuse to acknowledge they’ve done anything wrong. If you come in the former category i.e you’ve made mistakes long ago, did your best to rectify them, but still carry the guilt, it’s time to let go of that burden. If you can forgive others for doing you wrong, you can surely do yourself that favour too. More importantly, forgive yourself for making a mistake when you didn’t know what to do; it wasn’t your fault, so it shouldn’t continue to haunt you forever!

Self-love isn’t narcissism; it’s a necessity! It’s acknowledging that you’re a wonderful human who deserves love and happiness just as much as anyone else does. These 8 acts seem simple but they’re powerful and hold a lot of meaning. And what better to start off on the journey of self-love than the day of love itself!