5 Summer Skincare Tips For Babies We Absolutely Mustn’t Overlook

Summer time means ‘happy time’ for both parents and children – there’s no school, and we can all finally take a vacation and go visit nana-nani! However, summer time also means harsh and dry weather which can cause your baby great distress and bring on illness. When it comes to baby care, especially skincare, summer is a rather difficult season. No matter what you do, you cannot seem to escape the effects of the scorching sun and the mercury rising.


There is a reason babies face the brunt of summer far worse than us. Baby skin is much softer and more delicate than adult skin. In fact, this is also the reason it loses moisture up to five times faster than adult skin. This is why it becomes essential to inform ourselves about the best skincare approach for babies at this time of the year.


Here we give you 5 simple tips to follow, which will not only lock in the moisture of your baby’s skin, but will also keep your baby happy and giggling through summer time!

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5 Babycare Tips For a Happy Baby This Summer

1. Bathe Them Properly

How? – Choose a good and mild baby soap that does not cause any kind of irritation to the baby’s skin. Skin rashes tend to become exceptionally mean in summers, so choose wisely. The Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Soap is a great option that doesn’t dry out your baby’s skin but helps retain its essential nutrients and moisture. It contains Dove’s 1/4th moisturising cream leaving your baby’s skin soft and nourished. With a mild and caring fragrance developed specifically for delicate baby skin, it is also hypoallergenic. Plus, its pH neutral formula respects skin’s natural pH balance. Pat your baby completely dry after the bath (using a soft towel to do so) as trapped moisture becomes a hotspot for germs to grow, especially in the folds of the skin. If you live in a region where summers are humid, this can cause really mean skin problems in your baby.

Why? – A good bath will help get rid of all the dust, sweat and grime from your baby’s body. These three things are the main cause of skin problems in babies during the summer. Make sure your baby gets a bath frequently enough to keep these three factors in check.

2. Keep Them Cool and Dry

How? – Do not layer up your baby in summers. As mothers, we often tend to think we need to keep the baby covered and wrapped up so that germs won’t get to the baby. However, it is important for your baby to feel cool in the summer. So do not be afraid to peel off the layers from your baby. Less layers means less warmth, which will help your baby remain cool.
Also make sure you clothe your baby in light, breathable and comfortable fabrics. It is best to buy lose-fitting clothes for your baby. As a thumb rule, you can pick clothes that are one size bigger than your baby’s size. Pick skin-friendly fabrics, such as pure cotton and hosiery cotton.

Why? – The baby’s body is not fully capable of regulating its own temperature (the way bodies of grown-ups can). Hence it is important we do all we can to help the baby stay cool and dry. Dressing them in fewer layers and in natural, skin-friendly fabrics helps them stay aerated and cool. Pure cotton does not cause irritation, or rashes on the baby’s skin; in fact, it absorbs excess moisture, keeping the body dry and cool. Unlike synthetic fibres like rayon, chiffon, polyester, etc., clothes made of pure cotton are more breathable as they do not generate or trap heat.

3. Use Baby Wipes To Keep Them Fresh

How? – Always keep a packet of baby wipes at hand, especially in the summer. The weather can be dusty and sweaty now, and it may not be possible for you to give your baby a bath whenever he needs one. For instance, when you are out with the baby and do not have access to a good and clean bathroom. Baby wipes, such as the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Care Wipes, come handy at such times. They have zero alcohol and instead use glycerine to keep the skin moisturised while also cleaning it effectively by removing impurities. Suitable for newborns, the Baby Dove wipes provide instant moisturisation and is suitable for all over use.
Why? – Baby wipes act as a cheat-bath for your little one. They allow you to get rid of dust, sweat and grime from your baby’s skin, and also take care that your baby remains clean and cool. They can refresh and soothe your baby in the summer heat. Think about how good you feel after you use a wet-wipe or a cool towel for your face at the gym or spa! Your baby loves that feeling too.

4. Keep Them Well-Hydrated

How? – If your baby has weaned off breastmilk, make sure they drink enough water throughout the day. Remember – a baby will not be able to ask for water or always show signs when she is thirsty. Hence it is best to offer her some water regularly, every couple of hours. If she is not thirsty, she won’t drink it. If you are breastfeeding, your breastmilk is sufficient to fulfil the baby’s need for hydration; keep at it.
Along with the body, the skin of your baby also rapidly loses moisture in summer (much like your own skin does). Hence it is advisable to use a good moisturiser. Pick a moisturiser that provides superior moisturisation, is neither too creamy nor too runny, and has a mild, pleasing fragrance; like Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nourishing Baby Lotion. The best part is that this keeps the skin moisturised for 24 hours! And like all their products, is dermatologist and paediatrician tested, hypoallergenic and pH neutral.

Why? – Dehydration can have severe and very serious consequences on your baby. It is such a simple thing – water – and yet a lot can go wrong if you do not give your baby enough water. There are many tell-tale signs of dehydration such as no tears while crying and less frequency of passing urine; make sure you know them, and monitor your baby accordingly.

Note: When you are looking at keeping your baby well-hydrated, it is important that the moisture comes from within. Water depositing on the skin does not count as moisturisation; proper and monitored intake of water and application of a nourishing moisturising lotion does. It is critical that we realise the difference and disallow those long baths in the tub, no matter how hot it is!

5. Step Out Wisely, and Covered

How? – Make sure your baby’s skin is not directly exposed to the sun in summers. It is best to avoid stepping out between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. The sun is at its peak around this time of the day and does maximum amount of damage to the skin and the body. This holds true for grown-ups too. If you must step-out during these hours however, make sure you carry all baby care essentials in the diaper bag – extra diapers, baby wipes, baby soap, baby lotion, and a good diaper rash cream, like the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Diaper Rash Cream. Containing skin protectants, this diaper rash cream forms a protective layer that shields baby’s delicate skin from the causes of irritation. The Baby Dove diaper rash cream also neutralises pH in seconds and provides instant comfort from the first use, and immediate protection from the diaper rash. You will also find that it is easier to spread and clean compared to other diaper rash creams.

Why? – When it comes to any baby-related concern, the general approach that we must always adopt is prevention. Avoiding and minimising your baby’s exposure to the summer sun is probably the easiest and best way to keep summer heat away from your baby.

Once you have taken all the necessary precautions for your little darling, summers can be beautiful! Do not miss out on the weather; just be prepared, and we are sure your baby will have a delightful summer ahead.