8 Best Activities for 20 Months Old Baby

20 Months old baby activities

Children grow up fast, and each of them develops at a different pace. Each month is different from the other, and sometimes you may just run out of ideas to keep your growing toddler engaged. In this article, we will share ample learning as well as fun activities that will not only keep your toddler busy, but also create bonding opportunities between you and your baby.


The Best Learning Activities for 20 Months Old

You can involve your 20-month-old toddler in indoor as well as outdoor activities. Here are some simple activities for your fast-growing toddler.


1. Smear The Colours

For this activity, you will need finger paints, wax paper, plain paper and tape. Take the wax paper and put it on the floor or any solid surface to avoid stains on the surface. Use tape to stick it to the floor so that it doesn’t slip. Place a plain paper over the wax paper. Now, drop a small amount of paint and smear it with your finger. Allow your toddler to do the same. Then drop different colours and let your baby smear each of them. Slowly, you can teach them the names of colours. It will also help develop your little one’s motor skills.

2. Find It For Me

Take a small object that you can easily hide in your palm. Place this object in one of your palms, show it to your baby and close your fingers around it. Now put both your hands behind your back, then bring it to the front and ask your little one where the object is. Once your baby points it out, open your hands and show the object to your baby. This simple activity will improve your baby’s observation skills.

3. Help Me Out

Pick a small clean cloth. Find a clean surface that your baby can access easily. Clean the surface with the cloth. Then hand the cloth to your baby and let him do the same. This activity will help develop your baby’s gross motor skills.

4. Take Your Baby Out

Figure out a delightful place where you can take your baby. It can be a park, a garden or even a mall. Ensure that you have ample time to spend with your baby. Also, choose a time of the day when your baby is at his best, that is active, well fed and well-rested. Let your toddler lead the way and explore things around them at his own time and place. You can also strike a conversation with her about anything which seems to fascinate your little one the most. This activity will improve your child’s observation skill and will allow them to learn things about the world at their own free will.

Baby playing in park

5. Match The Following

Keep objects with pairs around you, like socks, hair clips, a book, spoon and the like. Conduct this activity in a place where you have enough space to spread these things around and your little one can access them all without any hassle. Hold up any of these objects and show your baby. Name the object in your hand for your baby and ask him to get its pair. This activity will teach your toddler about various everyday objects. It will also enable him to identify the similarities and differences such as colour, shape and size.

6. Prepare a Stew

This is a stew recipe that can be prepared with natural ingredients. Next time you step out with your little one, carry a bucket. Stop at a place where pebbles, twigs, leaves and flowers are easy to pick. Fill the bucket with water. Then, ask your baby to pick pebbles, leaves, flowers, twigs or just about anything he can get hold of and put it in the bucket. Take a bigger stick and help your baby to stir the ingredients. Slowly, you can start telling your baby about how heavy things like pebbles sink in water, and lighter objects like leaves float in the water. This activity will help in developing your baby’s fine motor skills, bilateral as well as hand and eye coordination. It will also stimulate your baby’s visual and tactile senses.

7. Fun With Flowers

This is a beautiful garden activity. Spread a mat in the garden or veranda. Place dried flower petals on the mat and allow your baby to explore them with hands and feet. Let him stomp these petals or pull them apart. This activity is not only fun for your baby, but it will also help in developing his fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination.

Baby exploring flowers

8. Play With Pasta

Place different shapes and sizes of pasta along with play dough on a table. Make imprints with pasta on the play dough. You can also hide the pasta inside the play dough and ask your baby to dig it out. Just teaching your baby to poke the play dough or making pizza and cookies with the play dough is also fun. This enjoyable activity will help in the development of your baby’s fine motor skills, hand strengthening, pincer grasp, finger isolation and the coordination of all the senses.

Children learn every day through the various activities that they are involved in. All you need is a little time and patience. Do not leave your baby alone during any of the activities mentioned above. Be a part of all your toddler’s activities not only for fun, learning and bonding, but also to ensure your baby’s safety during the activities.