100 Unique Exotic Names for Baby Girls

100 Unique Exotic Names for Baby Girls

Congratulations! You’ve been blessed with the news that you’re expecting a baby at home. While you still don’t know the gender, the name games have already begun. It’s time to finalise on names if your child is a boy or girl, and making a list of cute names is a great way to heighten the excitement. If you’ve given birth to a lovely baby girl and haven’t decided on a name, choosing exotic baby names are an activity in which you must take part. You can choose from this list and get some unique options that will stand out among the rest.

100 Exotic Baby Girl Names

We’ve made a list of some of the best foreign girl names for you to consider. You will be able to choose from this list of exotic female names and give your little one a unique experience in life. Giving her an exotic name is a great way to ensure nobody forgets her in a hurry and she can proudly stand out among a crowd. Here’s a list of exotic girl names for your consideration –





Aba If your child arrived on a Thursday, Aba is a popular name. It literally translates to “born on Thursday”.
Acadia Acadia is a unique name for a baby girl. The name is derived from Acadia, which is a region in the New France colony near Canada.
Adele A German name that means “sweet”, Adele is also the name of a popular singer and is a cute name for your princess.
Agatha Agatha is a Greek name that became popular during the Norman Conquest in England. It means someone who is “a good woman”.
Ailsa This is the name “Elsa” with a twist. Ailsa is a name of Scottish origin which means, “elf victory”.
Aine Aine is an Irish-origin name that is pronounced as “Awn-ya.” The name means “joy” or even “brightness” or “splendour”.
Akello A Kenyan name that is a popular choice for many parents is Akello. It is a nice and different name you can give your little one.
Akila A truly exotic sounding name, Akila has grown in popularity over the years. It is an Egyptian name and it means “intelligent”.
Allegra Allegra is a popular name for a baby girl that means “merry” or “joyful”.
Alyona A popular Russian name that’s become popular over the last few years, Alyona is a wonderfully exotic name to give your daughter.
Amaris Amaris is a version of the Hebrew name, Amara and it is a stylish, attractive and multicultural name that means “Given by God”.
Amina An Arabic-origin name, Amina is a beautiful and exotic name that has gained popularity. It means “trustworthy” or “honest”.
Amrita A popular Indian name, Amrita is a great option for your little one as it means “immortality”.
Angelika Your little angel needs to have a name that represents her sweet nature, and Angelika is a cute name that you can choose.
Antoinette An exotic name that has a lot of French influence, Antoinette is a feminine form of the name, Anthony. It means someone who is “beyond praise”.
Anya Anya is another popular name in Russian and it means “cute.” It also means “grace” and is a cool name for your daughter.
Arianna A name that has grown in popularity after singer Ariana Grande, Arianna means “chaste”.
Augustina A feminine and contemporary version of the name Augusta, Augustina is a good option if you’re looking for a traditional name.
Aviva Aviva is a Hebrew name option for your child which means “springlike, dewy or fresh”.
Bastina A feminine version of the name Sebastian, Bastina means “inheritance.”
Beatriz An attractive sounding version of Beatrice, Beatriz is a common name among many Hispanic parents.
Bennu A legendary Egyptian name to give your little girl, Bennu means “eagle”.
Bernadette Bernadette is the name of a saint who once saw visions of Virgin Mary. It means “brave as a bear”.
Bette Bette is a slight variation on one of the most popular names, Betty. It is a nice, shortened version of the name.
Briony Briony is a nice and fun alternative name that means “vine” and definitely a sweet name to choose for your little girl.
Calithea A beautiful and stunning name, Calithea means “beauty”.
Camilla Camilla was the name of a huntress who could run over fields without bending a single blade of grass. It also means “noble”.
Candie A variation of the name Candace, Candie is another popular name for your baby and it is exotic sounding.
Caressa A popular name that is common in France, Caressa means “tender touch” and is an exotic name.
Carina An exotic name you can definitely choose for your baby girl is Carina. It means “pure” in French.
Chanel A classic name that doesn’t go out of fashion, pun intended. Chanel is an exotic and elegant name for your little one, inspired by the fashion brand.
Chiara A romantic Italian name, Chiara is another alternate version of the name Cara, Claire or even Clara.
Claudia A name that has a hint of Roman splendour, Claudia Is an exotic name for a baby girl, for you to choose.
Consuela A sophisticated and stylish Spanish name that goes excellently with surnames. It means “consolation”.
Corazon A beautiful sounding name that has a great meaning, Corazon means “heart” and is an exotic name for a little girl.
Danique The French variation of the English name, Danica, Danique means “morning star” and is a popular and stylish name for your baby girl.
Darcia Darcia is a name that spells “charm” and “grace”. It is a feminine version of the name Darcy.
Diamonique If you’re looking for a name to stand out from the rest, Diamonique is a great option. It is a English name which means “of high value”.
Dita Dita is a variation of the Czech name, Edith. It has grown in popularity over the last few years and it means, “happy warfare”.
Dondi Dondi is an uncommon and exotic name that means “lady of rank”.
Elise Elise is another exotic and popular name that has been around since the 19th century. It means “oath of God”.
Elitsa Elitsa is a super cute name for your little girl and it means “little fir tree.” It is a variation of the name Eliza.
Esperanza A Spanish name that became popular after jazz artist, Esperanza Spalding, Esperanza means “hope” and is a nice name for a little girl.
Fanchon This is another popular Teutonic name that means “free”.
Femi A name of African origin, Femi means “love me” in the ancient language of Yoruba and can be a great and rare name for your daughter.
Francesca A female version of the name Frances, Francesca is another stylish name for your little one.
Francoise Francoise is a feminine form of the name Franciscus. It is an exotic name for girls and it means “free”.
Gabriella Gabriella is the feminine version of the name Gabriel. It means “Woman of God”.
Gia A smaller version of the names Gianna and Giovanna, Gia is a name that means “gracious”.
Guilia Guilia is an Italian-inspired name that has a unique-sounding ring to it. It has slowly become a popular name among American parents as well.
Hamisi An uncommon and pretty name for Kenyans is Hamisi. It means someone who is “born on a Thursday”.
Hattie Hattie is a name that stands out from the rest and means “estate ruler” of Greek and German origins.
Helen A name that has been the epitome of beauty since forever, Helen is one of the top names you can give your little girl. It means “the bright one”.
Imani Imani is a popular Arabic name that means “faith”. It is a unique name to give your little one.
Ines Ines is the Spanish version of the name Agnes. It is a name that holds a lot of virtue and means “chaste”.
Julieta Julieta is a name that exemplifies the qualities of sophistication and simplicity and it means “youthful”. It is an exotic girl name that starts with J.
Kady Kady is a nice variation of the name Katy. It can also be a short form of the name Kadence.
Kai Kai is a name of Hawaiian origin and is a common word that means the “sea”.
Kaira Kaira is another popular name to choose and it has Scandinavian origins. It means “pure” and is generally used as a short form for Katherine.
Kaleia Kaleia is a beautiful name with Hawaiin origins. It means ”flower wreath” or “beloved”.
Kalene Kalene is an exotic name that isn’t from any one culture but is popular. It means “flower”.
Kiera A popular American name, Kiera can also be spelt as Keira and is a popular option for many parents.
Krishna Krishna is a sweet and beautiful name and has ancient origins in Hindu mythology. It is the name of a beloved God in Hindu culture and is a sweet name for your little girl.
Layla A musical name that is popular among parents, Layla is a stylish option for your little girl and it means “born at night”.
Lilja A name that comes all the way from Iceland, Lilja is a popular option for you to consider and it means “lily”.
Liv A shortened version of the popular name, Olivia, Liv is a short and sweet name for your little girl.
Lola A Spanish name that is a great option for a little girl, Lola mean “a strong lady”.
Lucia A lovely and poignant Latin name, Lucia means “light” and is a great option for your little girl.
Madeleine A popular name in France, Madeleine is a great option if you’re looking for a bit of French flair. It means “from the tower.”
Maeve A beautiful name for your little girl. Maeve has its origins in Irish history and it means “she who intoxicates”.
Maile Maile is an exotic-sounding name that sounds similar to Miley, with a little twist.
Marisol An excellent and exotic choice, Marisol is a name that is inspired by the sea and sun, combining elements from both.
Maya A real exotic name with a deep meaning, Maya means “illusion” in Sanskrit and is also the name of the “daughter of Atlas”.
Milagros Milagros is a unique option and is a Spanish name which means “miracle”, It’s a sweet name for a little girl, and she’d love being called something exotic.
Mumbi Mumbi is one name that is both unique and meaningful. It means “mother of the people” and is a sweet name for your little one.
Murni A feminine name that means “pure” in Indonesian, Murni is a popular option for your little one.
Nova Nova is a Latin name and a wonderful choice for a little girl. Nova is the astronomical star and is said to evoke feelings of newness.
Nur A popular and interesting Arabic name, Nur means “light” and is definitely a rare name for your little one.
Penelope Penelope is a popular name that has grown in popularity after actress Penelope Cruz came into the limelight.
Putri An Indonesian name that won’t be heard often among the English-speaking crowd is Putri. It means “princess”.
Rae Another name of Hebrew origins, Rae means “ewe” and is a common and popular name for girls.
Raquel An attractive name with Hebrew origins, Raquel means “innocent”.
Ruth A soothing and calm name for your little one, Ruth was one of the most popular names in the late 19th Century.
Sarah Sarah is a traditional and exotic name. According to the Old Testament, Sarah was the name of Abraham’s wife.
Selena Selena is a popular name and grew in popularity after the emergence of Selena Gomez. Selena is exotic and means “moon goddess”.
Serilda Serilda is a name with Teutonic origins and it means a “a maiden in battle armour.” It is a name you can give if you’d want your daughter to be brave and strong.
Shani Shani is a beautiful name of Hebrew origin that means “scarlet” or “marvellous”. It is a great name if you want to look at something ancient.
Shira A Hebrew name that translates to “my song,” Shira is an exotic and stunning name you must consider for your baby girl.
Sofia Sofia is an elegant and cute name for a baby girl. It means “wise” and is a popular option among many parents.
Soraya Soraya is a name of Persian origin and it means “jewel”. It is an exotic name that was inspired by an empress from Iran.
Suri The name Suri has its origins in Hebrew and means “princess”. Definitely a beautiful name for your little princess.
Svana Svana is a name that sounds similar to Ivana. It is the Swedish word for “swan” and is a popular option.
Talia Talia is a Hebrew name and means “dew of heaven”. It is also the shorter version of Natalia.
Tawney Tawney is an exotic and cool sounding name. It has Irish origins and it means “a green field”.
Tevy Tevy is a unique and rare name for your little girl. It has Cambodian origins and means “celestial deity or angel”.
Valdis If you’d like an uncommon Norse name for your child, Valdis is a good option. It is exotic and definitely a name your little one would be happy with.
Valentina If you want to stick to traditional yet beautiful names, Valentina is a nice option. It means “brave”.
Victoria A name that means gentility and refinement, Victoria grew in popularity after the British monarch.
Yara Yara is an exotic and stylish name of Arabic and Brazilian origins which means “small butterfly” or “water lady”.
Zaliki A slightly different version of the name Zuleika, Zaliki is a sensual-sounding name that means “well born”.

Thus, choose from this wonderful and beautiful list of names and let your daughter have a name she can be proud of. There are names of different origins available and you’re sure to find one exotic name that will stand out among the rest.

Some of these names have been around for centuries while a few have grown in popularity over the last few years. No matter the name, go with your gut and give your little one something that is easy to pronounce yet unique enough that everybody will remember it every time they meet her.