10 Eid Gift Giving Ideas

It is essential to select the perfect Eid gifts as they show the respect and love you have for the person you are offering the gift to. We all know that selecting the wrong gift might send the wrong message. The tradition of giving gifts in Eid is universal and done all around the world. This is a time to celebrate and share!


10 Eid Gifts You Can Give Your Loved Ones

Here is a list of amazing gifts you can get your family and friends this Eid:


  1. Clothes

Everyone wants to wear new clothes for Eid, especially children and therefore it’s common to give clothes as Eid gifts even though the designs and styles of the clothing may vary in different cultures. In the Middle East, women and little girls love wearing long and colourful dressed with traditional Islamic prints and adorn themselves with lots of jewellery. However, whenever it comes to gifting clothes to women, a shawl or scarf is always a nice idea. T-shirts, ties and the traditional “Khetra & Oqqal” (traditional headgear for men in the GCC) are great gifts for men.

  1. Money

Known as Eideyat, money is the most common gift given during Eid celebrations. You can even gift money in special purses as a more thoughtful gesture. Money can be used to get anything the person that you are gifting desires, so your children can use it in any way they want. They can spend it on their favourite soft toy or save up to buy something bigger and more expensive later on in the year. You can’t go wrong with Eideyat as it is something all kids wait for and look forward to receiving during Eid.

  1. Toys

Toys are great gifts as children are the happiest when they receive toys as gifts on Eid. Sure, giving children money would allow them to get anything they like. But, if your children are still young and don’t know what to do with the money afterward though, and you don’t want them to miss out on the thrill of getting Eideyat, then you can give them a gift of their favourite toys instead.

  1. Time

Time is the best gift and no matter how many fancy and expensive gifts and gadgets you buy for your family, the most important thing they will remember and cherish is the time you spend together as a family. Your time is one of the best Eid gifts you can give your family and friends.

  1. Giving to the Less Fortunate

The spiritual concepts behind fasting the holy month of Ramadan and of Zakat El Fitr is all about understanding the pains of the less fortunate and giving to others. This is a very common Eid gift that can change many deserving lives. Some, therefore, may decide not to get their children very expensive gifts and instead, teach them the good feeling that comes with charity and giving to the less fortunate. You can take your children to the homes of your less fortunate neighbours and even to orphanages. Let your children give less privileged clothes and food. This will help them learn the act of kindness and the impact they create on someone else’s life.
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  1. Religious Books

Religious Books
Religious books such as those with Islamic moral stories and stories of the prophets and their lives are another amazing gift-giving idea this Eid. Children love listening to stories and are naturally curious about their culture and religion. Cultivating their young minds with great stories will help them grow up to be good and better individuals who have knowledge about their religion. There are some famous Islamic books for children like the Qisas Al-Anbiya, Stories of the Prophet in the Holy Quran, and The Best Eid Ever that are sure to both educate and entertain them.

  1. Gift Baskets

A good alternative to buying individual gifts is to buy a gift basket. This is a basket that has a lot of products that your family members can use every day. It could be either store-bought items or handmade ones. You can go for a basket that contains essential skin and hair care products, toys, food, clothes, etc. Make sure there’s something for everyone in the gift basket so that nobody feels left out.

  1. Food

We all know that food is a very crucial part of any celebration. Therefore, gift baskets are a very popular idea, especially the ones with local delicacies or simple sweets. Some of the popular items you could add to the baskets are:

  • Almonds
  • Dates
  • Honey
  • Pistachios
  • Dried Fruits
  • Traditional Arabic Sweets
  • Eid Sweet treats like Kahk and Mamoul
  • Dates stuffed with almonds

  1. Electronics

Giving an electronic gadget as an Eid gift has become fairly common these days. Based on what your loved ones need, you could decide what to get them. Some of the best things would be a Bluetooth speaker, a power bank, headphones/ earphones, or even a brand new phone! This idea is taking over the expensive toys and traditional clothes as the most popular and liked Eid gift. This is also one of the best Eid gift ideas for husbands.

  1. Photo Frames and Albums

Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts can be blank, that is they need not have anything in them. You can give something that will let your loved one fill up with memories, thoughts, and wishes for a better world. Some good examples are given gift boxes, journals, picture frames, albums and many more. This gift can be a reminder of the holiness of Eid.

There are so many rituals performed traditionally during traditional Eid celebrations. This is a time to share happiness and give as much as possible to the less fortunate. If exchanging gifts is something you do in your family and circle of friends, these Eid gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift for your near and dear ones.