Why Your Child Must Attend Summer Camp – It’s More Than Just a Fun Getaway

It’s that time of the year when schools are closed, and children gear up for the carefree days of summer. Your child must have already planned how he will spend his summer vacations; by watching his favourite cartoons on television, playing video games – and maybe playing some more video games! And you’re probably worried that his plans will be executed and he’ll be sitting in front of a screen the whole summer. But, have you ever thought of enrolling your bundle of energy in a summer camp? A few days at a summer camp can be a great experience for your child; spending time with his peers at a new place and learning new skills can have profound effects on him. And no, we aren’t exaggerating!


10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend a Summer Camp

Summer camps can be of two types. There are day camps, where activities are organised for a couple of hours every day and kids return home the same day. There are also residential camps, where kids go and stay at an assigned place for the duration of the camp, an option probably suitable for older kids than younger ones. There will also be different types of camps such as sports camp, music camp, art camp, and so on that you can enrol your child in, depending on his interests. If you want to make your child’s summer vacations memorable and productive, send him to a summer camp, starting this very year!


1. Your child will become physically active, if he is not already.

Children running

Let’s accept the simple truth that kids of this generation mostly spend their time inside the house being couch potatoes. And as parents, we want to do everything possible to encourage them to play outdoor games and get moving, right? If you want to make your child physically active, sending him to a summer camp might help. At a summer camp, your child will get the opportunity to move around and indulge in different physical activities. He can learn swimming, horse riding, and how to play different kinds of sports. Even if he isn’t enrolled in a sports camp, your child will most definitely play with his camp-mates whenever he gets the chance to do so. All in all, a summer camp will get your child in action.

2. He will become resilient.

The time spent at a summer camp will have a profound impact on your child which will prepare him to face challenging situations in the future without panicking. The kind of guidance and encouragement kids receive at a camp prepares them to endure setbacks and rise again if they fail at something. They learn to try out new things without worrying about the consequences. A few days at a camp can make your child conquer his fears and make him resilient.

3. His life skills will develop.

A boy swimming in a pool

Besides being physically active, your child will also learn and develop life skills while at a summer camp. He will get to learn new things, learn how to do things by himself, adjust with other camp-mates and much more. All of these will make him an independent and responsible individual in the future. The instructors at the camp will provide the right guidance, equipment, and facilities, that will enable children to master new skills in a fun way. By trying out different activities daily, kids are also likely to find their true calling. Kids get to explore and enhance their abilities and discover what interests them the most. A summer camp will also let your child unleash his adventurous side.

4. He will get a much-needed break from technology.

At a summer camp, your child won’t get to watch television or have a smartphone or a video game to play with. What are the alternatives? Of course, the best ones! He will play outside, learn new skills, try out new activities, and engage in conversations with his camp-mates. With no gadgets, he will realise there are still plenty of interesting things he can do. He will explore his innate talent and be a part of the real world sans technology. You won’t have to worry about your child’s increasing screen time.

5. He will become confident and independent.

A confident child

Attending a camp instils a sense of independence and confidence in children. Time away from you will leave him with no option but to make his own decisions – whether good or bad. Especially at a residential camp, over time, he will learn to figure out what’s right for him. With you not being around at the camp, nobody will tell him to brush his teeth or wake up at a specific hour. There will be camp counsellors, of course, but he will have to do little things on his own, like making his bed or even simple things such as tying his shoelaces. He will have to get ready all by himself, find his way to the mess hall, decide what to eat, wash his dishes, etc. All these seemingly easy tasks will instil a sense of responsibility and confidence in your child. At day camps too, there will be several times when he’ll have to figure out what to do – tasks as simple as asking counsellors for information, noting down things to be done or brought in for the next day and so on will help him become more responsible.

6. He will learn to appreciate nature.

Kids of this generation spend most of their time indoors, and this has led to the rise of the ‘nature-deficit disorder’ (a phrase used to describe how spending less time outdoors is impacting humans, especially kids) in children. Of course, they need some time to connect with nature, observe the trees and birds and animals, and indulge in some unstructured play outdoors. By attending a summer camp, your child will get to go outdoors and connect with nature; and this will ensure his healthy development.

7. His social skills will develop.

Kids talking at a camp

Being at a camp, your child will be in a close-knit community where he will have to listen to camp counsellors, cooperate with camp-mates, and respect everyone. He will learn to co-exist with kids his age in a new environment. He will share chores, resolve small problems with his peers, and sympathise with others – and to do his best at all these things, he will have to communicate and learn to do it effectively. Attending a camp will help your little one learn how to communicate and work in a team.

8. He will make new friends.

While at a camp, your child may make friends for life. No doubt, his school friends will remain his best friends, but a camp is a place where kids make friends simply by doing things together. Kids are encouraged and taught to work as a team. By doing almost everything together, children are bound to get along. And if your child finds camp-mates who share his interests, he is likely to hang out with them and stay friends with them for long.

9. He will be grateful for what he has.

A child happy on returning home

This is mainly true for kids who enrol in residential camps. Spending time away from home and you will also make your child appreciate you, his home, and the comforts of life that you provide him with. Well, probably not the last one, not if your child is too young to understand the comforts of life, but he will definitely be grateful for home-cooked meals and all the love you shower upon him.

10. Your child will make memories.

The time spent at a summer camp may be one of the best times of your child’s life. He will not realise it now, but later he will surely appreciate it. All the things he will do at a camp, from playing and enjoying with his fellow mates to waking up early and making his bed at camp, will make for pleasant memories that he’ll cherish tomorrow. So, let your child make such memories!

Summer camps benefit children way more than you can imagine; it isn’t just a summer getaway to keep your kid busy. Your little one will have the time of his life and create special memories he can look back on with happiness!