Valentine Cupid Arrow for Kids

valentine cupid arrow for kids

Is your child looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for his classroom activity? Why spend money picking up things from the store when you can make one at home? Help your child use his creativity and make a lovely cupid arrow this Valentine’s Day.


Material Required

  1. Lollipop sticks – approx. 6 inches long
  2. Adhesive Foam Sheets of different colors – approx. 1cm thick
  3. Sparkle color tubes
  4. A small piece of ribbon – Approx. 1 inch long
  5. Glue


  1. Take 3 Adhesive Foam Sheets of different colours.
  1. Cut out 1 heart shape from each sheet such that all the hearts are of different sizes.

  1. To make the feathery end of the cupid arrow – layer progressively smaller hearts together, one above the other (as shown in the image).
  1. Stick these 3 hearts together.
  1. Glue the hearts to one end of the lollipop stick placing it exactly at the centre of the hearts, as shown in the image.
  1. Stick another set of similar three hearts on the back to create a sandwich around the stick. This completes the feather end.
  1. Now cut out 2 medium-sized heart shapes from any colour foam sheet.
  1. Stick these 2 cut-outs around the other end of the lollipop stick. This completes the cupid arrow.
  1. Encourage your child to use his imagination and decorate the arrow with different sparkle colours.
  1. Ask your child to write a message for his friend on a piece of paper, roll it around the stick and tie it with a piece of ribbon.

Your little kiddo now has a wonderful handmade gift for his/her loved one or a classmate on this Valentine’s Day.