Top 15 Fire Safety Tips for Kids

A little boy with a water hose

As a parent, you will always be concerned about your child’s health and safety. Children are often told to be careful about their surroundings and be safe, yet they tend to fall, slip and get hurt while playing. As a parent, it is up to you to educate your child about fire safety measures and ensure they follow them.


15 Fire Safety Rules for Children

A toddler in a fire fighter's costume

One of Mother Nature’s most unforgiving products is fire! It can occur with any warning at any given time! The most common cause is short-circuiting, and the first reaction when there is a fire is panic!


Parents, while teaching kids fire safety, the primary rule is not to panic! Children could follow these tips to keep safe and prevent any damage during a fire outbreak.

1. Safety Talks With Your Child

As the first tip to fire safety is to educate your child about the importance of their safety. Talk to them about what happens during a fire and how they must keep themselves safe at all cost. They should be aware of all preventive measures and how to be safe around fire.

2. Avoid Playing with Lighters and Matches

Children must be forbidden from playing with matches and lighters. Unless they are under adult supervision, they must not be allowed to use these items as the first rule of fire safety.

3. Double Check Extinguished Matches

Once a match is lit and extinguished, make sure you run it under water to ensure the match has been put out completely. This will ensure that the trash does not accidentally catch fire. Older children or young adults must practice this rule. Since this tip is easy, children will be able to grasp and follow this easily.

4. Be Mindful of Burning Candles and Incense

Teaching your children, young and old to be careful not to leave burning candles and incenses around, is essential. Leaving exposed heat is a fire hazard waiting to happen. Tell your child to always be careful whenever leaving a room, to extinguish the flame or the lit up item.

5. Avoid Over Plugging

With many electronic devices in a household, educating your children on the number of devices per power outlet is important. They must refrain from plugging in too many devices into one outlet as it could lead to a short circuit.

6. Stay Away from Fireplaces and Stoves

It’s never safe when children are close to fire sources, be it an active fireplace or the stove. You must tell them that playing around these places could pose a serious health hazard and is extremely dangerous.

7. Caution Around Flammable Objects

If your children are learning to cook, make sure you inform them to keep any flammable objects away from the stove. They must be cautious of the things such as towels and oven mitts that can catch fire instantly.

8. Fireproofing The House

Ensure your child is aware of the dangers of playing with or near fire or an open flame. Install fire alarms in your house and ensure it works by changing its battery every 6 months. It’s good to invest in a mini fire extinguisher, and it is important you teach your children to use it in the case of a fire. Also, keep a close house on all the wiring around the house.

9. Execute a Fire Drill Plan

Fire drills will always help your children understand what must be done in the case of a fire outbreak. Map out a plan and execute it a few times, this will help them overcome a panic situation and know what to do at the time of an emergency. Also, make sure that you sketch out a designated safe place to meet up in case you are separated during the exit.

10. Get Low and Exit

In the case of a fire, your children must know to get low to avoid the smoke and to find the closest exit and leave the place. During the fire drill practice, ensure that they know to crawl and leave the place safely.

11. Stop, Drop and Roll

One of the most important safety tips your child must implement if their clothes catch fire is to Stop, Drop and Roll! Rolling will help put out the fire and do not run around because it will make the fire spread faster. Make them practice this with you diligently and it could end up saving their lives!

12. Do Not Hide Inside

Your children must know, that in the case of a fire, they must never look for places to hide. Finding the nearest exit and leaving is important, so show them all the possible ways of getting out of the house.

13. Leave Everything Behind

During a fire, the first priority should be to exit the building! It means you must leave all your possessions behind and get to safety. Do not run back inside a burning building to retrieve anything, since your life is more important.

14. Avoid Using The Elevator

When there is a fire in an apartment, it is key that your child knows to not use the elevator! Explain to them that during a fire, they must use the stairs to exit the building! The elevators may stop working, and they could get stuck inside.

15. Knowing Emergency Numbers

Teach your child that in the case of a fire, they must exit the building as practised and reach the designated safe place. Once they reach there, they must call the emergency helpline such as the police or the fire department for help and assistance.

Children are often easily scared during an accident, and speaking to them about their safety during such an event will help them remember the tips you share with them. Always tell them to be alert and trust your children to be responsible.