Soap Pregnancy Test – How to Perform and Results


Pregnancy tests can be carried out in the comfort of your home, and are a great alternative to those pregnancy kits that are hard to get. This pregnancy test involves using soap, in order to get an idea of whether you might be pregnant.


What is Homemade Pregnancy Test with Soap?

Soapy water pregnancy test involves the use of soapy water and your morning urine to test whether you might be pregnant. Soapy water is readily available, so this is easy to do, and you can do it as many times as you want.


What Will You Require for Dish Soap Pregnancy Test?

  • 1 small piece of soap
  • 2 tablespoons of morning urine sample
  • A plastic cup

How to Perform Home Pregnancy Test with Soap?

Performing the test itself is extremely easy. Take the piece of soap, and foam it so that you get a bubbly solution. Collect your morning urine, as it has high levels of pregnancy hormones. Add the urine to this solution, and make sure to add more urine than soap in a 1:3 ratio for best results. You will have to wait 5-10 minutes before checking the result, so keep the mixture untouched.

How to Evaluate Results for Pregnancy Test Using Soap and Urine?

After leaving the mixture untouched for about ten minutes, you can check the results of the bar soap pregnancy test.


Positive Results

In the bar soap pregnancy test, results can be noticed easily. If you are pregnant, the solution will most likely start to bubble up and also change colour to a greenish hue.

Negative Results

If there is no change in the solution after you left it alone, it means that you are not pregnant.

The soap test to confirm pregnancy can be used by women from the comfort of their home, and it is also easy to carry out. However, if you feel that the results are not correct even after checking multiple times, visiting the doctor would be a good idea.