How to Deal with the Stress of Infertility

Don’t get bogged down with the stress of infertility. Let your feelings out so that you get the strength to cope.


Infertility is a medical condition that can affect every aspect of your life. Whether it’s the way you feel about yourself or your relationship with your partner – it alters every aspect of your life. Couples struggling with infertility are affected a lot by such stress related issues.


Nine Tips for Coping with Infertility Problems

Overcoming the frustration and anger caused by infertility is a way to bring a positive and calmer attitude in your life. Read on about ways to reduce anxiety if you are facing infertility problems.

1. Understand Your Feelings

This is the first step towards reducing stress. It can be emotionally as well as physically draining to go through infertility tests. Understand your emotions and learn to control the situation without feeling anger or frustration.

2. Confide in Others

Share your fears by surrounding yourself with people who can help answer your questions, and prove to be an emotional support to you. Go to a counsellor who is a fertility specialist or join an infertility support group in your area. Meeting other couples who have been there will help you share your fears and concerns with like-minded people.

3. Let it Out

Crying is important to vent your anger, sadness and grief. Suppressing these feelings will only make you more depressed and worried about your infertility problems. Let out your emotions completely so that your emotional baggage becomes lighter and you eventually are able to focus on your future in a better way.

4. Go Easy On Yourself

Give yourself time to grieve for the child that you have not yet had, otherwise the unresolved grief will lead to anxiety.

5. Write it Down

Record your thoughts about the child you wanted. Talk to a friend who will listen to you and understand your ongoing emotions. Writing down the thoughts in a diary will help you release the stress in your mind.

6. Get Support From Your Family

Stay close to your family and talk to them. Let those who are closest offer you their love and support. Tell them what you are going through so that they can help you deal with your emotions.

Get support from your family

7. Connect with Your Partner

Talk to your better half about the stress that you are facing. Both of you need to discuss future plans and seek help from a good counsellor if required – this will help both of you to cope better and offer each other support.

8. Indulge in Exciting Activities

Reduce your stress by taking up a new hobby to release your tension. Alternatively study yoga or meditation to stay calm. Enjoy your freedom, and look at the positive side of things.

9. Stay Healthy

Do keep a check on your diet and health since chances are you’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money on dealing with the infertility problem. Neglecting your health would eventually lead to more stress. Eat healthy food and cut down on excessive intake of sugar, salt and fat to get fitter faster.

Keep these tips in mind to cope with the stress of infertility and bring about a positive outlook in your life by adapting some lifestyle changes. There’s a lot to life, and roadblocks are all a part of it. Coping with the stress of infertility is challenging, but possible – and it doesn’t mean you can’t bring a child into your life. Consider the options of adoption and surrogacy to help you achieve your dream.