Homemade Pregnancy Test with Shampoo


The moment you miss your periods, you would want to know whether you are pregnant or not. Although you might not want to run down to the nearest store and grab the pregnancy kit for whatever reason, the curiosity stays. Before pregnancy kits came into existence, there were certain ways a woman could find out if she was pregnant or not. You might have even heard of certain women finding out the same, using shampoo.


How to do Pregnancy Test with Shampoo at Home?

  1. As with any test, it all starts with the collection of urine. Take a bowl that is clean and free from any impurities for it. Remember to collect only the first urine of the day.
  2. Take another bowl and add water to it. Put a few drops of shampoo in that and mix to together to form a nice soapy solution.
  3. To that mixture, add a little amount of the urine that you have collected.
  4. Observe the mixture and see if any change or reaction takes place.

What do the Results Mean?

On adding urine, if the mixed solution starts forming any froth or foam on the surface, or if certain bubbles are formed within the mixture, this could be a sign that you are pregnant.


However, if the mixture remains unchanged and there isn’t any reaction at all, then you may not be pregnant.


How does Shampoo Pregnancy Test Work?

The science behind doing the pregnancy test using a shampoo is rather straightforward. A good quality shampoo mostly consists of a number of natural ingredients that are safe to be used with the hair and the body. The body’s urine, however, consists of numerous chemicals that the body is flushing out of itself, along with many other natural ingredients, too. When both of these come in contact with each other, the unwanted flushed out chemicals react with the natural components of the shampoo. This reaction manifests itself in the form of foam or bubbles that are observed in the mixture.

How Effective Is the Pregnancy Test with Shampoo?

One of the key reasons why women prefer to check for pregnancy using shampoo is time. Most of the pregnancy tests take a good amount of time to provide an accurate result. Also, they are rather expensive as well and need to be purchased. Shampoos are mostly present in every home and the result can be nearly instantaneous.

However, the result of the test depends not only on the presence of various substances in the urine but also the natural components present in the shampoo as well. The amount of urine and the constituents in it play a key role in depicting the presence of pregnancy.

Most kits function on sensing the presence of the hCG hormone in the urine, a key indicator of pregnancy. The hCG hormone needs to be present in good quantities in the urine for any test to detect it successfully. The morning urine is apt for such situations. So, if the urine contains a decent quantity of the hCG hormone, the reaction it has with the shampoo will be highly precise and the test results will be right before your eyes.

How Accurate is the Shampoo Test?

Most homemade tests do not have a standardized nature to them since the results can vary based on the cleanliness of the bowl, the time of urine, the quantity of urine, the type of shampoo used, the constituents present in it, dilution, and so on. Therefore, the result that one gets out of tests like these is generally a trial-run of sorts, which could be hit or miss with equal probability.

However, on a general note, these tests can be good as preliminary ones and, based on the reaction and your personal knowledge, you may choose to opt for a pregnancy kit or another test following this.

Homemade pregnancy tests come in multiple shades and forms, with shampoo being one of the many ones out there. If you wish to find out for yourself without anybody’s knowledge and keep things absolutely discreet, such tests are a good way to do so. Purchasing a pregnancy kit from the store might make you feel awkward as if you are drawing attention towards your pregnancy. Moreover, using homemade tests are a quick and economical option before proceeding further with any others.

Such tests may require some preparation as well. It’s best to drink a good amount of water the night preceding the test so that the first urine of the day is in a good quantity. Following the instructions exactly the way they are is important. Any needless shaking or stirring of the mixture could cause a false reaction to take place and give an incorrect result. It’s best to take these results with a pinch of salt since a negative result could be a false negative as well. Use your judgement and knowledge of your own body as a marker, and the results of a homemade pregnancy test as purely a preliminary call for further action.