Holiday Gifting Weekend 2020 in the UAE

December has arrived, bringing with it all the joys of the festive season! Celebrations are only a few weeks away, and who doesn’t love the festive spirit? The city is wonderfully decked up in lights and decorations, especially our big malls, which are brimming with festive joy and pretty things to buy! Yes, we’re talking about the holiday gifting weekend 2020, the fun, shopping-filled days that we’re all looking forward to.

What and When Is Gifting Weekend?

Gifting Weekend is a weekend in December, a few weeks before Christmas, when most shops put on big discounts so that shoppers can buy all their festive gifts and goods at great and affordable prices. This year, gifting weekend will take place from 10th December to 12th December 2020. Mark your calendars and get ready for a super fun shopping season!

Gifting Ideas

During Gifting Weekend 2020, you can find all sorts of goodies and presents for all your near and dear ones. There’s something for everyone, be it a newborn baby, teenagers, siblings, parents, spouses, friends, colleagues, and grandparents. There are wonderful options available for clothing, shoes, winter wear, jewellery, perfumes, home décor, and more! These items can be found in malls and outlets across the country at a wide range of discounts and sales.

Wondering what gifts to get for all those wonderful people in your life? Check out our quick gifting guide below!

Gift Ideas for Babies and Children

If your life has been blessed by the arrival of a newborn, it’s natural that you’d want to get the little one something special for his first festive season celebration!

Go for an attractive and colourful onesie, a cozy baby blanket, or a fuzzy little pair of warm socks to cover their adorably tiny feet.

If there’s a toddler or preschooler in your immediate family circle, you can choose to gift a set of picture books, a mega art-supplies kit (think paints, crayons, and markers!), or a fun, educational toy. And, for a child who’s in primary school or is a pre-teen, there’s nothing better than presenting hobby or crafting kits, or a set of fantasy novels that will take rekindle their imagination to experience amazing adventures.

Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Teenagers are notoriously finicky beings. If there’s a teenage boy or girl in your family, you should try to find out what he or she likes before buying a gift, so that you both make the most out of the experience! Some safe gifting options for teenagers are sweaters, make-up kits, video games, electronic gadgets, athletic or sports gear, jewellery like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, and even cute little bedroom décor items. As a last resort, if you are unable to find the perfect gift, you can always buy your teenager a gift card from his favourite store or mall!

Gift Ideas for Spouses

Ah, the best (and worst!) person to shop for. You know what your husband or wife likes best, but there’s that little bit of pressure to always make it special, right? Not to worry! Spring for a gorgeous necklace or bracelet for your beautiful wife, or a classy watch for your dashing husband. If your spouse is into skincare, you can buy a bath-and-body set, or a grooming kit. If they like the outdoors, get a barbecue or grill set with all the fittings. Or, if your loving husband or wife is a simple soul, choose a thoughtful gift like a set of scented candles, a perfume, coffee beans/tea leaves with a monogrammed flask, or a gift that is related to one of their hobbies or favourite pass time activities. The list can go on and on!

If you’d rather do something thoughtful, a handmade card, some dim lights, a home-cooked meal, some sweet notes and much-needed together time works just as much!

Gift Ideas for Parents, Siblings, and Relatives

Buying presents for family members is always a heart-warming errand. You get to look back on your memories together and recall fondly the things they like, want or need. For family members you may not be too close to, go for classic gifts like sweaters, perfumes, jewellery items like earrings or watches, or home décor items like candles, picture frames, and elegant china. That way, you’re still picking out a great gift without having to worry about their specific tastes.

For family members whom you are quite close to, you can personalise the gifts to their interests, and choose items that are related to their work or hobbies.

If someone enjoys cooking, you can get a gourmet sauce set, or books on baking or cheese making. Some family members are into outdoor sports and activities, you can buy a set of golf clubs or hiking gear or even a one-month membership in their favourite fitness center or gym. You get the gist!

Gift Ideas for Friends and Colleagues

Let’s not forget our dear friends, both at and outside of work, who make our lives fun and many times also bearable! If you have a close or best friend, you probably already know what to get, as you must have been reminded of it a hundred times! For other friends in your social circle, get them something thoughtful, such as skincare sets, luxury goodies and chocolates, their favourite or desired perfumes, or one of the many gift hampers offered at various stores on sale during the Gifting Weekend 2020. For your treasured work colleagues and bosses, spring for gifts that are useful yet nice, such as gourmet coffee or tea, personalised flasks and mugs, cute desk accessories like notepads or plants, scented candles, or even a cozy throw on blanket.

If you’re also thinking about giving gifts to your household help, nannies, drivers, security guards, and other helpers, then edible goodies, mini skincare sets, a new handbag or wallet and gift cards are good ways to show that you care. You could also ask them if there’s anything they need, so that you know that they will appreciate you picking it up for them.

Remember to stay safe, wear your masks at all times when out of the house, maintain social distancing, sanitise your hands regularly, and carry your own bags when you’re out shopping this festive season. Most importantly, have fun, and buy yourself something nice, too!