Essential Oils for Fertility in Men and Women

Essential Oils for Fertility in Men and Women

If you’ve been trying for a baby but without success, you or your partner may have fertility issues. With essential oils, it’s possible to combat fertility issues naturally. In this article, we’ll discuss various essential oils that are believed to treat fertility issues in men and women.


How Do Essential Oils Boost Fertility?

Let’s find out how essential oils help in boosting fertility:


1. Help to Manage Stress

Today, stress is one of the major contributors to infertility. Essential oils ward off anxiety and relieve mental stress.

2. Increase Libido

Essential oils have been used for their aphrodisiac properties; they give a boost to libido in both men and women. Lavender and rose oil can lift up your mood and improve your chances of conceiving.

3. Combat Free Radical Damage

The antioxidants present in various essential oils such as aniseed are very effective in combating the free radical damage, which often triggers infertility.

4. Regulate Hormones

Hormonal imbalance can lead to various conditions including hampered fertility. There are various essential oils such as geranium or clary sage, which can regulate your hormonal levels.

5. Regulate the Menstrual Cycle

Various essential oils such as sage, clary sage, and fennel can regulate your menstrual cycle and solve other menstrual issues, which may have lead to infertility in women.

6. Treat Inflammation

Increased amounts of inflammation in the body can lead to various health issues and infertility is one of them. Essential oils are anti-inflammatory and thus help in treating inflammation and combating fertility issues.

Essential Oils to Boost Fertility in Men

Infertility issues are not restricted to women; men, too, issues such as low sperm count, low sperm motility, sexual dysfunction, etc. However, the use of essential oils may help to boost male fertility:

1. Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil can help to deal with sexual dysfunction in men. This oil also helps in igniting the sexual desires of a man. In case a man is battling with low testosterone levels, the use of sandalwood oil may prove to be helpful.

2. Rose Oil

Rose oil

Rose oil works wonders in treating sexual dysfunction and performance anxiety. It also helps in enhancing the male libido and in improving the sperm count.

3. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil

The use of frankincense oil not only increases the sperm density but motility too. It is also believed to increase the sperm count.

4. Goldenrod Oil

Goldenrod oil

The goldenrod oil can boost the male libido as and it has calming and relaxing properties.

5. Basil Oil

A relaxing massage with basil oil can improve libido and stimulate the reproductive organs.

6. Angelica Oil

Angelica oil promotes relaxation and allows you to enjoy intimate time with your partner. It also gives a boost to your sexual organs.

Essential Oils to Boost Fertility in Women

Essential oils may not cure female fertility, but they can help you deal with fertility issues such as stress, irregular menstruation, hormonal imbalance, etc. These oils may help to boost female fertility:

1. Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil

Clary sage oil is not only effective in dealing with the hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body, but it is also beneficial in enhancing the female libido.

2. Geranium Oil

Geranium oil

The soothing and calming effect of geranium oil helps one in de-stressing and in regulating hormones in the body.

3. Fennel Oil

Fennel oil

The use of fennel oil has immense benefits if you are planning to conceive. The use of this oil is not only effective in keeping the proper balance of hormones in the body, but it is also helpful in regulating the menstrual cycle of a woman.

4. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil

For ages, the use of lavender oil has proved to have calming and soothing effects on the health of women. Lavender oil regulates the menstrual cycle and also keeps the endocrine system in place.

5. Rose Oil

Rose oil

Rose oil has many therapeutic properties. It is known for improving the cervical mucus, regulating periods and in improving the sexual drive in women.

6. Calendula Oil

This oil has a host of benefits. It relieves menstrual pain, regulates the menstrual cycle, and helps treat ovarian cysts.

7. Eucalyptus Oil

This is another oil that can be used to promote fertility in women. Its fragrance soothes the mind and the body, increases the production of cervical mucus and helps cure uterine fibroids.

8. Jasmine Oil

No wonder women adorn their hair with jasmine flowers – jasmine oil is known to enhance the sex drive and make you romantic. It also supports overall reproductive health.

How to Use Essential Oils to Conceive

Wondering how to use essential oils to boost your fertility? Here they are:

1. Inhale Them

Inhalation is a great way to get the maximum benefit from essential oils. You can put a few drops on a hanky, smell from the bottle, put in a diffuser or simply apply a few drops to your wrist. Keep inhaling this throughout the day.

Alternatively, add the oil to a bowl of steaming water. Cover your head and inhale the steam.

2. Massage Them

A massage with essential oils makes absorption better.

3. Add These Oils to Your Bath Water

Add a few drops of essential oils to bath water or to your bathtub. Soak yourself in it for 15 – 20 minutes to derive the benefits.

4. Use Reflexology

Reflexology involves pressing certain pressure points on the body. You can use essential oils to massage the fertility points.

Infertility is a major concern that couples face today. You can try natural methods to improve fertility. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor before opting for any of the above-mentioned methods to improve fertility.