6-year-old Developmental Milestones – What to Expect

6-year-old Developmental Milestones - What to Expect

The growing stage of your child is the most important phase of his life and yours. One needs to be very careful at this time as this developing stage can help shape your child’s tomorrow. Specifically, when your child starts to know the world better, his development milestones need to be taken care of. This, in turn, helps in making sure that your little one is growing the right way and at the right pace.


Physical or Motor Development

Of all developmental aspects, physical development is the most evident of all, and hence, the easiest to track. When it comes to your 6-year-old’s physical development, looking at the following milestones could be highly beneficial.

  • The capability of running, skipping, jumping, and dancing that comes under the motor skills development for 6-year-olds
  • Height increases up to 2-2.5 inches
  • Apt at drawing pictures and writing letters
  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Following outdoor gaming instructions carefully

Physical development in 6-year-olds

Behavioural Development

Behaviour is one important factor that you need to keep a check on when it comes to your 6-year-old. Whether it is the behaviour at home or at school; this aspect matters a lot. How your kid behaves around people and in his own company needs to be checked upon. When it comes to a 6-year-old’s behaviour development, looking at the following milestones becomes important.

  • Enjoys the company of his friends and involves in conversations
  • Takes an interest in clothing and dressing up
  • Has friends and likes playing around in the park rather than his own company
  • Behaves cheerfully rather than showing anger or irritating behaviour

Behavourial development in 6-year-olds

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is all about knowledge and logical thinking. Telling the difference between right and wrong is important at the age of six. Having the right guidance from parents and teachers is important at this stage. When it comes to the intellectual development of a 6-year-old, looking at the following milestones becomes important.

  • Improved listening skills and the ability to follow up instructions
  • Able to handle projects at school along with instilled teamwork
  • The curiosity around everything should increase gradually, and your kid should be asking questions that help in 6-year-olds’ brain development.

Cognitive development in 6-year-olds

Language and Communication Development

When your kid turns 6, he should get better with language and communication skills, and should develop clear speech by now. Moreover, your ward should be clearly demonstrating his ideas and as to how their day was. When it comes to 6-year-old speech and language development, looking for the following milestones is important.

  • Should be able to speak in his mother tongue and that too, clearly
  • Able to communicate ideas clearly along with having his own opinion about things
  • His writing skills should also be good enough to be able to connect letters
  • The ability to recognize sounds and responding promptly

Language development in 6-year-olds

Social and Emotional Development

Being able to enjoy others’ company, along with having an emotional quotient is important for any 6-year-old. Social and emotional development makes one capable of forming new friendships, along with the skill to vent out feelings. When it comes to a 6-year-old’s emotional development, looking for the following milestones could be beneficial.

  • Being able to make new friends rather than sitting in a corner and feeling lonely
  • Being able to vent out feelings, whether it is crying, jealousy, showing anger, or being happy
  • Understands the concept of sharing and knows the importance of being a helping hand
  • Is emotionally stable and shares his feelings with you

Social development in 6-year-olds

Learning and Educational Development

Being a 6-year-old, your ward should be good enough at learning new facts and retaining it. On the educational front too, your kid should be able to retain what is taught in class. When looking for learning and educational development in a 6-year-old, look for the following milestones.

  • Ability to read the clock properly
  • Can understand the lessons taught in school
  • Is able to adapt to his daily routine
  • Knows alphabets and numbers well

Learning development in 6-year-olds

Tips for Parents to Help Development in a 6-year-old Child

Parents’ support and guidance are all that a child wants. When a kid knows that his parents are by his side, he learns more and stays positive about everything. On the other hand, when you pay less attention to your child’s needs, he is likely to become insecure or disobedient. Here are some parenting tips you need to follow for your 6-year-old.

  • Play often with your child. Whether it is indoor games or the outdoor ones, make sure you are there to act like a kid around him.
  • Read stories to your kid before putting him to bed. This will help him develop his listening and understanding skills greatly.
  • Help him with his homework, although do not do the homework on his behalf; let him do it by himself. Just sitting along with him could be a good step towards him knowing that you are there for him.
  • Communicate more with your child. Ask him about school or how his day went. Communicating can help in knowing the likes and dislikes of your kid.
  • Understand the reason behind your child’s sadness and anger. Talk to him whenever possible and formulate solutions that could help him get over his negative feelings.

When to Worry?

You need to worry if:

  • If your kid seems depressed and sad all the time
  • Keeps to himself or enjoys only his own company
  • Doesn’t leave your company and clings to you too much
  • Shows irritated behaviour and has a problem following instructions
  • Gets into fights at school occasionally and has difficulty making friends
  • Has a problem writing numbers and letters properly

This was all about the development of a 6-year-old and the milestones he should cover. Keeping track of your child’s development is important. However, one should not compare their kids with others because every kid has his own individuality and learning pace.