5-Year-Old Developmental Milestones – What to Expect

5-Year-Old Developmental Milestone - What to Expect

The growing years of a child are extremely important. A child transcends from one developmental milestone to another, and this is a very predictable and natural sequence. However, every child may reach various milestones at his own speed and pace. So, if you are wondering, what are the various developmental milestones that your 5-year-old kid may achieve, we recommend that you go through the following article to understand more on this topic.

Physical or Motor Development

The first few years of a child’s life are crucial for his physical development. It is the time when his gross motor skills develop the most. Look out for these milestones in terms of the physical development in your 5-year-old kid:

Children running

  • Your kid’s ability to run, hop, or skip becomes better because by this age he will have better coordination and balance.
  • Your kid’s small muscles work better, and thus he may be able to unbutton his shirt and even tie-up his shoelaces.
  • Your kid may require less assistance for feeding and may even eat his own meals.
  • Your kid may gain approximately 5 centimetres height and 2 kilograms of weight since his last birthday.

Behavioural Development

You need to keep a check on the behaviour of your child, as he is in his growing years now. How your child behaves in school, home, or around people matters a lot. Here are some behavioural development milestones that you can look for in your kid:

  • Your child may become more independent by this age, and he may enjoy start enjoying the company of family members and friends.
  • Your kid may want to do things on his own, like eating his own meal or dressing himself up etc.
  • Your kid may become more social as he starts going to school and meet more kids.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development means the development of thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Cognitive development makes sure that a child grows both mentally and emotionally. If you are wondering how your 5-year-old kid’s brain development may be taking place, well, here’s what may be happening:

A five-year-old kid playing with blocks

  • Your kid may understand the concept of rules and may even follow them.
  • Your kid may understand the concept of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.
  • Your kid will recognize most of the alphabets.
  • Your kid may remember your phone number.

Language and Communication Development

As your child turns 5, he should get better at communicating with people. Good communication skills always help in the long run and so it is important to ensure that your child’s language development takes place in the right manner. Look for the following language development milestones in your 5-year-old kid:

  • He should be able to make use of tenses in his sentences, for example, I will go to the park tomorrow.
  • Your child should be able to talk about his day at school.
  • Your child should have meaningful conversations with you and other members of the family.

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional development can help a child form new friends. It also helps him to understand his feelings as well as the feelings of others. He will be able to empathise and share his problems as well. Hence, social and emotional development in a child completes his personality. Find out if your kid’s emotional development and social development by 5 years of age is happening accordingly or not:

Children sitting together

  • Your kid will want to be liked by people, but sometimes he may act nasty.
  • Your kid may be able to distinguish between reality and fantasy.
  • Your kid may exhibit a more independent nature.
  • Your kid may understand the concept of following the rules.

Learning and Educational Development

By the age of 5, your child’s learning skills should develop. To know if your child’s learning and educational milestones are being met, check the points below:

  • Your child should be able to write the lower case and upper case letters.
  • Your kid should have mastered the basic concepts of alphabets, numbers and colours etc.
  • Your kid should be learning new words and memorizing them too.

Tips for Parents to Help Development in a 5-Year-Old Child

Your child learns from experiences, and by exploring new things, therefore, it is important to expose your child to new sports, crafts, and social situations. As parents, you can help your child learn new things and achieve various developmental milestones. Here are some tips that may assist the parents in achieving various developmental milestones:

  • Make your kid play games that may help him develop various social skills like caring, sharing etc.
  • Engage your kid in activities like singing, storytelling, and reciting poems, as these activities would help your kid develop his language skills.
  • You may involve your kid in various household chores with you like cooking, cleaning, washing etc. These daily chores would help him develop his motor skills.
  • Engage your kid in activities that involve drawing, painting, colouring etc.
  • Involve your kid in some outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, ball games etc.

When to Worry

Each child is different and unique in his own ways and thus may reach various developmental milestones at his own pace and speed. You should not compare your kid with other kids because sooner or later he may achieve all those developmental milestones. However, there may be situations that may not be normal, and for that, you may have to get in touch with your doctor. Following are some of the situations where you should act immediately and seek your doctor’s advice at earliest:

  • If you notice that your kid seems withdrawn and isolated.
  • If your kid exhibits extreme emotions or behaviour such as sadness, anxiety, fear etc.
  • If you think that your kid is not responding to others or if he is acting superficially in front of other people.
  • If you notice that your kid gets easily distracted and faces difficulty in focusing on any activity for more than five minutes.
  • If your child may seem to forget or loses the skill that he once had.
  • If your child is facing difficulty in doing day to day chores like undressing himself, drying his hands after washing, or brushing his teeth.
  • If your child is not able to draw basic pictures.
  • If your kid does not share his day to day activities.
  • If your kid does not uses tenses and plurals properly in his sentences.
  • If your child is unable to remember his first or last name.
  • If your child is not interested in doing a variety of activities or games.
  • If your child is not able to differentiate between real and unreal situations.
  • If your kid is not expressing varied emotions.

As discussed above, every kid reaches developmental milestones at various intervals. However, if you notice any of the above mentioned developmental delays, you should get in touch with your doctor.