5 Best Inspirational Stories for Kids

5 Best Inspirational Stories for Kids

As your child grows up, you will see a new personality trait to who your child is becoming every day in her the tendency to develop habits. As each day progresses, your kid will probably outgrow an old habit or form a new one. Some habits could be annoying. But while others will surely make you feel thankful for bringing this wonderful new being into the world and having a chance to raise a new life.


Storytime,  however,  though is one activity that your kid will not outgrow anytime soon. Whether you indulge in bedtime stories, or are slowly making progress in toward a better daytime reading habit for your child, or simply teaching your child good values, story time is always special.


Inspiring and Motivational Short Stories for Children

Here are our top 5 picks of the best inspirational stories for kids that will make bonding with your child a delightful and as well as educational experience.

1. The Sad Peacock

The Sad Peacock

This beautiful story about making the best of what you have is our first pick for this list. A comparison is inevitable and starts pretty early in life. Though ambition is not a bad thing, there is usually a very thin line progressing to greed. It can run both ways, parents may end up pushing their children so hard that kids may end up frustrated. On the other hand, kids may end up demanding for more, without regard to what they have already and this may end up making them selfish.

Here is a wonderful story about a peacock who almost went the same way.

So, there was this once a beautiful peacock who was all but dancing on a rainy day. He was busy admiring his plumage. However, he was suddenly reminded of his shortcoming in a rough voice. All the joy beaten out of him, he was almost in tears. Suddenly, when he heard a nightingale singing nearby.

Listening to the nightingale’s sweet voice, his own shortcoming was once again thrown into sharp relief became very evident. He began wondering why he was jinxed in such a manner. At that moment, when Juno, the leader of the Gods, appeared and addressed to the peacock.

“Why are you upset?” Juno asked the peacock.

The peacock complained about his rough voice and how he was sad because of it. “The nightingale has such a beautiful voice. Why don’t I?”

After listening to the peacock, Juno explained, “ that every living being is special in his or her own way. They are and made in a certain manner that serves the greater purpose. Yes, the nightingale is blessed with a beautiful voice, but you are also blessed – with such a beautiful and glittering plumage! The trick is acceptance and making the most of what you have.”

The peacock understood how silly he had been in comparing himself to others and forgetting his own blessings. He realized that day that everyone was unique in some way or the other.

Moral Of The Story

Self-acceptance is the first step to happiness. Make the best of what you have rather than being unhappy about what you don’t.

2. The Turtle and the Hare

The Turtle and the Hare

This story has been told and retold over the ages, but is certainly a story that will teach your child an important lesson that will stay for life. You can stick to the classic or make your own version with different variables that will nonetheless impart the valuable lesson that your child needs to learn.

The hare is not only a beautiful little creature but is known for its speed and cleverness. Turtles, on the other hand, are amphibians that are more down to earth and, of course, slower in all aspects of life.

One fine day, the hare bragged and came up with the idea of holding a race with the turtle. The turtle agreed, and the race began.

The hare managed to get a good lead over the turtle because he was an excellent runner. However, such was the ego of the hare that it not only goes way ahead of the turtle but also decides to take a nap at some distance just before the finish line. Such was the ego of the hare that he was convinced he would easily win even if he slept for some time to rub it in.

The turtle, on the other hand, was far slower than the hare. However, he keeps up with the race with determination and without cutting corners. The turtle managed to reach the finish line just as the hare was waking up! He, nevertheless won the race even though he was a far slower runner than the hare and not even rubbing it in the hare’s face.

Moral Of The Story

As long as you are steady and determined, you will always win, no matter what your speed is. Laziness is your enemy, as is pride.

3. The Two Gardeners

The Two Gardeners

Letting go is probably one story lesson that can teach both the child and the parent a valuable lesson. Children are hands down very impressionable and sensitive, and there are times when you as a parent might not want to accept that a line needs to be drawn, they need to become independent.

Therefore, here is a story that talks about the challenges of learning to do things on your own through stronger roots.

Once there lived two neighbours who used to grow the same plants in their respective gardens. One neighbour was fussy and took extreme care of her plants. The other neighbour did what was required but left leaves of the plants alone to grow as they pleased.

On a fine evening, there was a huge storm, accompanied by rainfall. The storm destroyed many of the plants.

The next morning, when the fussy neighbour woke up, she found that the plants have had been uprooted and destroyed. However, when the more relaxed neighbour woke up, she found that though the damage to her plants was minor her plants were still firmly rooted.

The plant of the relaxed neighbour had learnt to do things on its own. So, it had done its bit of work, grown deep roots, and made a place for itself in the soil. Thus, it had stood firm even in the storm. However, the fussy neighbour used to do everything for the plant, thereby not teaching the plant how to sustain on its own.

Moral Of The Story

Sooner or later, you have to let go and become independent. Unless you stop fussing, nothing will work on its own. The plant of the normal neighbour had done its bit of work and made a place for itself thereby standing firm. The fussy neighbour did everything for the plant, thereby not teaching the plant how to sustain on its own.

4. The Mouse and the Lioness

The Mouse and the Lioness

Our next pick is yet another classic. The one story with the mouse and the lioness never gets old and yet ends up teaching kids a wonderful lesson that should stay with them and help them grow.

The lioness, as we know, is fierce, proud, and tends to look down upon smaller animals. One such lioness was once skirting the jungle when a thorn pricked her paw. Being proud, the lioness decided not to ask for help. She went around the jungle, getting weaker and bleeding.

One day, she chanced upon a humble mouse. The lioness was in a lot of pain. The mouse, though quite scared, was courageous enough to offer help. The little mouse after much pain and holds it together for long enough and managed to pull out the thorn from the lioness’s paw and freed her from pain.

Even though the lioness was so big and powerful, and the mouse was so tiny and humble, it was the mouse’s kind gesture that saved the lioness’s life.

Moral Of The Story

Be humble and never forget that size is no guarantee of power or usefulness.

5. The Three Fishes

The Three Fishes

Rounding off the list is this beautiful story about the three fishes. Once again this story is about teaching your child how to be wise when encountering a problem and never to forget to help others in need.

There were three fishes living in a pond. These fishes were friends and practically did everything together.

One day, a fisherman came across the pond and was delighted to see so many fishes. He invited fellow fishermen, and they made plans to cast the nets.

The wisest of the fishes made plans to find a different pond. While one of the fishes agreed, the third one of them denied saying that the pond was home and he shall not vacate it. The third fish further said that there had never been any danger in the pond. “I don’t see the point of leaving this pond. I think it is cowardly.”

The first two fish were unable to convince their friend, and so they decided to part ways.

The next day, when the fishermen cast their nets, the first two fishes escaped. However, while the third one gets caught. He had been unable to identify and act upon the problem and was now paying the price of neglecting danger.

Moral Of The Story

It pays to be wise when faced with a problem. Remember that and every problem is different and therefore has a different solution.

So, these are some of the best stories that both you and your child will appreciate. Don’t forget though that each one of us has a story within us – a story that cannot only motivate children and teach them valuable lessons, but also encourage them to imagine and dream. You can encourage your child to develop her imagination and wording skills by getting her an activity box that contains super-engaging and fun things that will boost her creativity. You never know, she may come up with her own stories in the future!