10 Father’s Day Games & Activities that Kids & Dad’s will Enjoy

A father and daughter on the beach

Father’s day is an important day for a dad not just because it is a special day for him. This is also a day that can be best used to spend more time with the kids. Knowing a few father’s day activities for pre-schoolers and other children can make the day quite engaging for both of them.


Father’s Day Activity Ideas For Children

Here are some ideas for activities that can be conducted on Father’s Day.


1. Camping Time with Daddy

A father and son camping

Moving out of the city and taking a wonderful hike or an overnight camping by the lake can be quite fun for the entire family and rejuvenating for daddy.

How To Do 

Pick out a nice spot for camping. Try to choose a closer one so that you don’t spend a lot of time travelling to get there. This could be a nearby fort, a lake, a hill, and so on. If you don’t have tents, you can easily rent them for a night or two. Pack together all the necessary items that you’ll need. Reach the place and set up camp. Put out the chairs and create a small campfire as well. Enjoy your food, sing songs and tell stories to each other.

2. Let your Daddy be a Kid Again with Kites

A father and son flying a kite

Kite-flying is something many dads of this generation enjoyed when they were kids. Here is a chance to let him try his hand at it again and teach a few tricks, too.

How To Do 

Kite flying doesn’t have to be restricted to specific festivals. You can purchase a kite from your nearby store and give it to dad. Pick out a building that is tall enough and ask permission to use their terrace. Roll up the reel properly and tie it well to the kite. Let your dad fly the kite while you roll the reel just the way he wants. He will then teach you to fly the kite as well and even teach you some tricks that you can show off later to your friends.

3. Turn Father’s Day into a Teaching Session

A father teaching his daughter how to ride a bicycle

Most fathers spend their time at work and don’t have enough time to interact or teach someone what they’ve learnt. Give them the opportunity to enjoy that again.

How To Do 

Figure out what it is that your father is really good at and you’d like to learn as well. Maybe it could be an activity that he hasn’t had time to do in a long time, too. This could be anything from servicing the car to fertilizing the garden, and so on. Gather all the tools and accessories that might be needed for it and let your dad know you’re ready. He will most likely jump in with both feet and teach you all that there is to it.

4. Making your Cake and Eating it too

Children baking a cake with their mother

Father’s day is a time for celebration and no better way to have it with your dad’s favourite dish. Cook it together and have great fun!

How To Do 

Working fathers rarely get the time to cook even when they like doing it. On father’s day, either work together to bake a cake for everyone or make lunch with the meal being your dad’s favourite food. Prepare in advance by buying all the ingredients necessary with your mom or elder sibling. On father’s day, surprise him by arranging everything and asking him to teach you how to cook. He will have a wonderful time reconnecting with his favourite activity and seeing you cook his favourite dish will be quite a delight.

5. No Better Time than Family Time

Family and friends getting together

In today’s times, rarely do all family members come together and spend time with each other, except for rare occasions. Let’s make father’s day one of those occasions then.

How To Do

Make this a large get-together that is not simply restricted to family. Try and make contact with your dad’s old friends from school or college, or even from work. Call a few close family members that your dad is comfortable with. Organize a few activities and games as well that everyone can enjoy together. Try and get food prepared in advance so that it makes everyone free, or make it an open-air barbecue and have a delicious palate ready to serve.

Fathers Day Games for Children

Games can make any event fun. Try these fun games to add infinitely more fun to the father-child duo.

6. Who can Eat the Most

A father and son eating together

Fathers spend all their time taking care of their health and keeping things in check. Let them go all out one day in a competitive eating match

How To Play 

Choose a food item that both you and your dad enjoy eating. This could be something sweet like a cake or gulab jamuns and so on. Elect your mom or one of your siblings to be an impartial judge. Set a timer and check who can eat the most pieces in the shortest time. Don’t be afraid to make a mess of things. Let your inner animal loose and gorge down all of it.

7. The Shaving Master

A father and son playing while shaving

Nearly all dads spend a better part of their mornings getting a good shave. But are they really that quick with it? Put it to a test with a game.

How To Play 

For the game, choose razors with the blades removed from them. Or go for using whipped cream with ice cream sticks instead. Let your dad put the cream on him and shave. Time him and see how long it takes. Next, you get to apply the cream on daddy. Have some fun and apply cream everywhere you can. Then use the stick and quickly shave him up. Time that as well and see who wins.

8. Are you Smarter than your Dad

A father and son solving a jigsaw puzzle

Puzzles are something we have all solved since we were children. Now it is time to compete with your father, too.

How To Play

Use a couple of puzzle boxes that have roughly the same amount of pieces. To raise things up a notch, mix all the puzzle pieces together. Now each player has to find the pieces of his own puzzle and put them all together. Let this be a race to the finish and see who gets there first. You can be a little naughty and hide a few pieces of your father’s puzzle as well.

9. Blindfold Toolkit Discovery

A daughter blindfolding her father

Your dad spends a lot of time repairing things around the house with his tool. So check if he knows the tools that well with a blindfold game.

How To Play 

Let your dad sit in a chair and blindfold him. Now place the toolkit below and pull out a tool from it. Start by making sounds with it if possible. Then describe its shape and colour without actually mentioning the name of the tool. If even that fails, let your dad touch the tool once for a couple of seconds. If he guesses the tool, he gets points.

10. Knowing the Real Dad

A father and son talking

Do you really know the person that your father is? Make this pop quiz personal and get to know your dad even better.

How To Play 

Refer to slam books or come up with interesting questions that you don’t know about your dad. This could be his favourite colour, or the name of his best friend in school, or the girl he liked in college, or the first toy he had as a child, and so on. Turn this into an interview and you will start discovering stories about him you did not know.

Father’s day activities for toddlers, kids, and children of all ages are aplenty. This day is a great time for everyone to bond together as well as knowing your father better, giving him the love and care he deserves, and a day full of happiness.